Combe Down Tunnel (Southern Portal) (Tourist attraction)

Two Tunnels, Combe Down, Bath BA2 5JR, United Kingdom

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Where is Combe Down Tunnel (Southern Portal)?

Opinions of Combe Down Tunnel (Southern Portal) at (Bath and North East Somerset)

Katie Thayer

A really interesting place to walk or ride. I walked both the tunnels this one beeing the longest out of the 2. A popular place to visit lots of walkers and cyclists using the tunnels. There is interesting parts to look out for like the exhaust line from the steam engines along the full distance of the tunnel there is random bits of rail stuck up at the side of the tunnel Im not sure but I guess they are mile markers there is also refuge points all the way along wear track workers would have stood to allow trains to pass by Also this tunnel was make threw natral stone wich you can see in alot if places along the tunnel wear as the rest is brick lined. Definitely a place to visit it's good for exploring or for exercise walking or running and cyclists. It could be improved by better brighter lighting especially for alot of us who go there to enjoy the tunnels. Also this tunnel approximately halfway through hassome disc things that light up and play instrumentalsounds wich all together makes music. The bad experience I had was some cyclists well actually most didn't have any lights and it's not very bright some places are even darker so you risk getting hit by one and some was going really fast clearly with no care about anyone else using the tunnels so if your going for a walk to enjoy the tunnels please keep a eye out for cyclists. Other than that it's a really enjoyable place it would have 5 stars if it had better lighting wear you could see the tunnel better.

Matthew Rose

Amazing tunnel which acts as a cycle and walking path. Takes a good 30 minutes to walk through but is a nice interesting walk from Midford Station.

Alan Fowle

Amazing. The two tunnels offer a fantastic location to bike, run out simply walk through. They are (as the name suggests) two of the tunnels one much longer than the other about 1700m and takes about 20 minutes to walk through. It is truly a surreal experience... There is a wonderful calm ambience and for the middle third there is calming music player with glowing speakers. It was quite quiet when we where there but this is a multi user path so always be aware of cyclists and pedestrians neither of which may have lights. (The tunnel is lit but it is only a faint ambient light) Well worth a trip.

Javier Marin

The nicest tunnel I´ve been to. You can enjoy a pleasant walk through it with live music inside!! I´ve ridden it on my bicycle and I have to say that is nicer walking because the music is a whole experience, only Britain is a country where you can find a tunnel in the middle of the countryside with music!! hahaha

David Robertson

Great place for cycling, a really special addition to the network in the area. The tunnels can be accessed from the west side of bath or from Midford in the south. There's also an option to do a loop taking in the tunnels, taking the back lanes eastwards from Midford and picking up cycle track 24 near the aquaduct. Look out for the huge carp. In the small lake just south of the tunnels.


Combe Down Tunnel (Southern Portal) at (Bath and North East Somerset)
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