Bath Spa University Newton Park Campus (University)

Bath BA2 9BN, United Kingdom

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Where is Bath Spa University Newton Park Campus?

Opinions of Bath Spa University Newton Park Campus at (Bath and North East Somerset)

Bobby McLeish

Our daughters chosen University. In a lovely country farm setting surrounded by cows and sheep. About 4 miles from Bath City centre and has a designated bus from the Uni to town. The Uni has come highly recommended to us.

Tori Jillings

Bath Spa University is stunning! I would argue there is no where like it in the UK. The aesthetics and grounds are not the only positives, the lecturers, staff students make it outstanding. I am beginning my studies there in September 2020 and I did a lot of research into my chosen universities. No matter how I look at it, I could not see myself anywhere but here. A dream come true.

Martin O'Beirne

What a treat to study here. Grounds of an old Manor deep in the country with buses every 15mins to nearby Bath a few mins away. Impressed with the psychology department and where its headed. Will be more than happy if my son studies here.

Esther O'Niall

Canceled a course I was enrolled in. Said the course would be running next year (2022) but still not hearing from them. That's a shame. Aren't responding to my emails. A waste of time! I could have applied elsewhere. Total disappointment.

Liz Magix (Lizzy Yee Ling)

If I could give it 0 I probably would. This university has caused so much suffering to so many people. They mess up courses. Promises you Subjects or modules you can't actually take and then say it is too late to change. The marking (in performance based lectures) are biased. Combined lectures can be messed up. They threaten you not to complain if you have an issue (even not telling you there is a complaint system separate from the university). One student was locked in a room by the lecturer and told not to appeal his grade. Another student threatened not to complain until after graduation, by then the deadlines for complaints was closed. For me, they never even told me there was a complaint system that was separate from my course. I thought I would get bad grades if I complained. I didn't know until after about the students union complaint department. They do not advertise it. Mental Health service is terrible. You get no support. For example it took them 8months to actually get me on the well being sessions. The first person they sent me to was fired from the university for not doing his job properly. The next woman was good but it took so long and she Was The only well being support for the WHOLE UNIVERSITY. Other time I had to walk into well being meetings with my peers who were too worried to go by themselves. In those meetings they didn't give ANY advice and just sat there awkwardly nodding! The uni also called their mental health awareness day "wonkee Wednesday" as if to add insult to injury. No empathy what so ever. All the different departments for graduation, admin, courses, mental health don't talk to each other. Miscommunication end up screwing with your course. Lecturers lose your dissertations or use them without your consent. This has happened to at least two students within 2 years. One lecturer was meant to give a 2 hour lecture but ended after half an hour, he didn't even finish the content on his slide, this went on for 3 weeks. Another lecturer would turn up late or not at all, when turning up he gave incorrect information and smelled of whiskey from 3 seats back in the lecture hall. International students are paying full price up front but get terrible education. Lots of last minute canceled lectures and very little help (this is BEFORE covid). There is a term everyone at bath spa knows: "spa'd" It means bath spa screwed you over. Which happens time and time again. I almost committed suicide because of this university. And I had many other juniors come to me after I left saying they had the same problems. Please don't go here. Save your grades and your sanity


Bath Spa University Newton Park Campus at (Bath and North East Somerset)
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