Argos Blackburn Towns Moor Retail Park (Department store)

Unit C, Townsmoor Retail Park, Great Bolton St, Blackburn BB2 3PX, United Kingdom

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mak cine

Apparently once youve opened the box and you dislike the item you cannot return and grt a refund. Argos policy is an absolute digrace. How are you supposed to know if you like an item without opening the packaging? Never buy anything from here again. Go to currys or

Jim mcgregor

Avoid shopping at this branch if there is any chance you need to return an item. I tried to return a electronic exercise mat that I'd bought on xmas eve as a spare of the moment gift. It hadn't been used only one part had been taken out to look at. I was told in the most abrupt manner that I would not be getting a refund as apparently there was signs of use! I explained several times that the item had not been used, but it was clear that this obnoxious young woman had made her mind up that no refund was being given and told me in a tone of a parent chastising that she would not discuss the matter further. Well Jemma! (so called manager) I did indeed get a refund from another store, from staff, who unlike yourself treated me as a customer and not a naughty little boy that needed a good telling off. I would agree with a previous review on here that Argos should retrain you in customer service skills, as God forbid you speak to someone else the way you did to me, who as less understanding of how difficult working in retail can be and they react in a bad way.

A Deveney

Wish I could give this a 0 star, Brought in 2 items and asked for a refund, one was unopened and the other was opened, but unused, and still in undamaged original packaging and put back so well you would not have known it was opened. (I accidentally bought the wrong size, and realised it the moment I had pulled it out of the packaging and put it straight back perfectly into the same packaging) The cashiers opened one and took it out of its protective packaging, took it into a dusty warehouse and came back saying no refund as it has been used (which it had not been, calling me a liar) her reason was it was dusty! (She has just made it dusty, by what she had done) after i continued to insist it was not used, her colleague came over to help her and accidentally ripped the packaging- they did nothing about damaging my property(the item they would not refund) , and continued to insist I was a liar. I asked to speak with the manager, she was an embarrassment to Argos. She also insisted I was a liar, wouldn’t do anything about my property her employees had damaged and, said she would now not refund either packages! And if I did not leave she would call the police! Police: what’s the problem? Manager: erm I have a customer who wants a refund, and I have damaged her property, and called her a liar, and won’t refund her. Police: is she threatening, you, your employees or any other customers? Manager: no, she raised her voice at me. Come on! (Not actual phone call, just how I imagine it would have gone) I asked the manager to give me the details of who I should contact to complain, and she said “I’m the manager” , who is your boss, who do you answer to? I asked, “No one, I’m the manager” she replied. Well I’m pretty sure she has to answer to someone, I’m sure she doesn’t own Argos! I was having a crazy bad time, and snapped, which I have never done before and should not have done, and ended up throwing the two packets of mattress protectors behind the desk(not at anyone) and told her she was ridiculous. which I sincerely apologise to any members of the public, sorry. and any staff that I made feel uncomfortable, sorry. So needless to say they damaged my property, wouldn’t refund or compensate, called me a liar when I spoke the truth, and have the products and I have no refund.

Richard Hammond

I urge Argos to retrain Jemma apparently she is the store manager at this branch. Absolutely no experience in customer service or any clue how the shop floor works. She has a very bad attitude and Is full of lies. I will NOT be using this Argos branch again. 😤

Stewart Cunliffe

Argos is a very easy to get to and very quick service, the staff were very helpful and friendly, i was unsure what halloween costume to buy for my children and the staff were super helpful and I was very impressed, if I was the Boss I would be giving all the Blackburn staff a very big Bonus for Xmas and a pat on the back for outstanding service 👍🇬🇧


Argos Blackburn Towns Moor Retail Park at (Blackburn with Darwen)
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