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23-25 Ophir Rd, Bournemouth BH8 8LS, United Kingdom

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I had a surgical abortion with conscious sedation at BPAS Bournemouth. I was extremely nervous and felt horrible. Waiting times can be quite long so if you have an appointment for an abortion expect to be there for majority of the day. I was first seen to confirm health history and ask if I’m certain as well as explain how the procedure is going to go. I was give misoprostol to dilate the cervix which was extremely unpleasant for about an hour due to extreme cramping. After that hour passed, I was taken up to get changed into my gown. Nurse Erica was so extremely kind and reassuring. The doctor who performed my surgery was also so lovely. It’s not as scary as you think it is. After my sedation, I really don’t remember much. The procedure seemed to last what felt like a minute. There was one part that felt slightly painful but honestly hurt less than getting an IUD insertion. They placed me in a recovery room which some tea and biscuits. The nurses asked me how I was feeling and checked my vitals very regularly. They made a very unpleasant day very bearable. They work hard and deserve the recognition.

Melancholy- Kate•

If I could this 0 star I would, my friends treatment at that place, wasn’t at all comforting, you can’t have friends in the clinic during covid and no comfort and no privacy. Apparently the lost her stuff and she wasn’t allowed to sleep after treatment. 0 stars. You need better staff, that are trained in care of people. Don’t go. Read the other reviews & this service needs a serious re-think. Hope this place, gets better for their patients sake. Some people suffer trauma and this is not a comforting place to get the procedure done. They should be ashamed.


If your thinking about abortion and your local to Bournemouth I 100% recommend BPAS. The staff are absolutely amazing and make sure you're well before doing anything and make sure you're definitely ready,due to my social anxiety I got really panicky both times walking in but they made me feel welcome and safe so if that's one of your problems honestly don't worry about it they are a huge help. They are also very patient and understanding they make sure you know everything about everything and they answer all your questions in as much detail as they can. I really couldn't have done it without the staff I had. All in all I would like to thank BPAS hugely for the help and support they gave me and I truly respect the work they do.


Worst experience of my life. Staff not appropriately trained. I recommend you go somewhere else.

Backpacker_ Billie

Three nurses told me three different things about treatment. None were true. Surgeon started the abortion before my painkillers/sedation kicked in and wouldn't stop when I screamed for more painkillers making it a traumatic experience. He also screwed up put the needle in my arm twice causing me to bleed out and faint. DON'T GO HERE FOR A SURGICAL ABORTION you will be awake!


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