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Longbrook House, 4, Ashton Vale Rd, Bristol BS3 2HT, United Kingdom

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Nicola Hickman

Alison was super! Helpful & very pleasant. With regards to Covid her practice was safe & her manner kind & calm. V Cars best driver in my opinion.

Tanith Wilks-Payne

I used to use them all the time, they were reasonably priced and professional. However, they've now added a £3 extra charge to their fee between the hours of 2:30pm and 5:30pm and also between 8pm and 3am so you will end up paying really high prices. My disabled grandma was charged £10 for a journey that used to cost £7 maximum. They're never on time any more either. I understand times are hard and everyone is struggling because of Covid but it's not fair to charge people more because of traffic or lack of drivers.


Awful. Beyond shocking. Called for taxi to fit wheelchair at 3pm was told taxi would be available in 15 minutes. Chased up 8 times and kept being told 15 minutes and after waiting TWO AND A HALF Hours no taxi. No apology. Poor disabled mother distraught. Don't bother with these wasters. They should be ashamed of themselves. DISGUSTING

Joseph Harrap

Pre booked for a wedding. Driver called on the way to double check where we were going and didn't sound happy. So he hung up and another driver turned up, now late. Once he found out where we were going (we had pre-booked where) he was fuming with the idea, and told us how he could make more money by going around town. (this was a 15 mile drive btw). He was proud of the fact he had charged someone £30 for a short journey through town on a morning run. We decided to give him an extra £10 on top for the inconvenience and its Christmas to which he genuinely laughed and held his hand out for more. We made a point of saying thank you to which he just grunted. Zero manners. We booked with a another taxi firm for the return, it was slightly more but you cant put a price on a smile and half decent manners. (he was genuinely really happy when we gave him a tip).

Victoria Dempster

Frequently used Vcars and find them efficient and the telephone staff are friendly and knowledgeable of the area unfortunately there seems to be a few rogue drivers who upon detecting my northern accent think that they will make a few extra quid from this daft old northern bird in the back of their car by taking me on little tours or requesting a fee that makes me quickly look out the window to check I am in a cab and didn't book a private helicopter by accident. However tonight's driver should get straight on to the School of Manners for a full refund as he was just rude and arrogant as well as greedy. Been the big p***y I am who hates confrontation I decided to ring the office to complain and I wasn't surprised to learn that the journey I was charged £13.90 for should have actually been £7.00 his driver number is 2323 so watch out if you get this scam artist. Maybe I shouldn't be naming and shaming like this but why not?? Are they too stupid to miss out on a tip in favour of cheating us. Shame as a great taxi firm otherwise 😕


V CARS TAXIS at (City of Bristol)
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