Joe Stevens Acupuncture (Acupuncturist)

354 Mansfield Rd, Mapperley Park, Nottingham NG5 2EF, United Kingdom

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Gary Frost

The first time I visited Joe was after an incredibly painful two weeks of Sciatica in my left leg. The pain was excruciating and I was finding it extremely difficult to walk. Joe was so helpful in his initial assessment over the phone and made an appointment the following day. I didn’t know what to expect as I’ve never had acupuncture before however, upon arrival, Joe was very understanding, informative and gentle with the treatment. After just the first treatment I felt amazing and could walk with very little pain! I’ve been to him twice since and each visit he has taken the time to address other irritations I’ve had with my leg. I can’t recommend his treatments high enough and the relief he has given me is nothing short of amazing. Thank you so much, Joe.

David Dalby

I first visited Joe in Sept 2019 because for the past 6 years I had been suffering from continuous spasms in my knees, which especially at night were causing me considerable pain and discomfort. I will never forget his words after my initial consultation when he said 'I think I can help you'. I had my first treatment the following week, and that night felt like a new beginning for me. The pain, and more importantly the spasms ceased to happen and greatly made my life a lot easier. I would recommend Joe 100% for anyone, who like me feel as though there's no respite, or cure for you're problems.

amanda crabbe

I was suffering from the after effects of ophthalmic shingles - maddeningly tingly scalp and eyebrow, like spiders crawling in my hair, especially at night. In a single online consultation, Joe patiently identified pressure points and taught me how to self-administer pain relief. The results were immediate and extraordinary. The ‘spiders’ were banished within a few days of using Joe’s techniques. My GP had warned it could take weeks for the tingling to stop. I couldn’t recommend Joe more highly.

molly insull

I've been seeing Joe for a bit over a month now, and have nothing but amazing things to say! I came to Joe with chronic pain and fatigue, and within the first two sessions, my pain had reduced dramatically and I had considerably less fatigue. Joe is a lovely, genuine practitioner who has made me feel nothing but understood and cared for. I would recommend Joe to anyone, thank you so much!


Joe Stevens Acupuncture at (City of Nottingham)
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