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Blakes Ln, Hare Hatch, Reading RG10 9XR, United Kingdom

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Andrew McShane

I gave Yeldall Manor 5 stars because they literally saved my life. It was one of the hardest things I ever did but by far one of the most worthwhile things also. My addiction had ripped me to pieces and the staff and supporters were amazing because they started me on my journey of recovery and helped me believe that a life totally free of alcohol and drugs was possible. The bottom line is this I walked in the door of Yeldall in march 2019 and nearly 3 years later I haven't touched a drink or a drug since. I'm back in full time employment, living in my own flat with all restored relationships with my family and friends. That's a miracle. To anyone out there considering reaching out for help give Yeldall a go. You have to really want Recovery and no one can do it for you but Yeldall Manor will certainly give you a solid foundation and skills to start you on your journey. Just reach out and call them you never know it could be one of the best things you ever do for yourself. It was for me. Andrew Mc

Viv Gilbert

I am giving Yeldall 5 stars because they gave me my son back. 10 years of trouble, debts, lies, stealing anything to get his fix. Treading on eggshells to avoid an explosive row, worrying if he's getting beaten up or stabbed when out. Contacting rehab places asking for help for free and getting the answer no. Until I contacted Yeldall. Everything yeldall did was brilliant, communication, support for me and his fiance, the programme that was set up. Caring and supporting my 22 year old was worth it's weight in gold. My son is back to normality which means my life is back to normality. We were at breaking point....thankyou so much to every single person at Yeldall, I give thanks to Jesus for giving us renewed life through you guys Amen

Stuart Elcock

Yea was there 2004 and completed the programme and the help is exceptiol and recommend it to anyone that wants to to become clean from all substances alcohol or drugs dealing with all issues under lining all back issues into your addictions

Stephen Bulloch

This was my 1st go at rehab after using substances for over 27years so I can’t compare it to any other treatment centre but Yeldall Manor helped me turn my life around! It’s a beautiful place with beautiful people (residents and staff) set in beautiful grounds away from any large town which was exactly what I needed to start my recovery journey! Yes it’s a Christian rehab but it’s the residents choice if they choose to embrace Christianity, I’m not a Christian and at no point was I forced to be a Christian or treated any different because I didn’t embrace Christianity, just be respectful of those that do!! It’s not a holiday camp and it’s hard work working on yourself but in the end it’s well worth it! Today I’m over 2years and 3months clean! 🙏🏻

tony attwood

Yeldall Manor is an amazing place, full of love beautiful surroundings and people..... it has the right combination and balance of counselling work therapy and groups to really change your life...... that is my experience..... it worked for me where everything else failed........ from death to life...... my life has transformed, with real hope and opportunities to be of purpose. I’ve restored relationships with my family for which I am eternally grateful...... Fully recommended for anyone that has reached a hopeless place in their life. There is a way out.... I found it here 💥⚡️❤️


Yeldall Manor at (Wokingham)
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