Fishkeeper Aberdeen (Aquarium shop)

Whitemyres House, Lang Stracht, Aberdeen AB15 6AX, United Kingdom

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Anete A

I have been a happy customer at Fish Keeper’s Aberdeen Dobbies for many years! All my fish were bought from there and lived healthy long life’s! Except the last two purchases!!! Previous time I purchased fish and lost almost half of the new fish within a week. Thursday the 13th of January I purchased another 16 fish ( 10 tetras & 6 guppies) £48 worth and all died in 7 days and that’s not all… all my other fish, including my favourite Suckermouth catfish has died within 10 days of adding the new fish!! Absolutely devastated, only shrimps who been living in a tank for 4 + years remains. Went to the shop and was told I was supposed to bring in my tank water for examination within 48 hours.. poor lad was very apologetic and wasn’t sure what to do with my discrete enquiry and I felt bad for putting him in this situation, but it doesn’t change a fact that I have lost whole aquarium, fishies who was living healthy for long time and of course the new added fishes! Devastated and upset!

Reinhold Hof

Very nice organised shop. Cozld have a bit more variety of substrate filter and co. But top people working there.


Usually cannot fault their service, however today, Sunday!, all I wanted was fish food and a couple of accessories. I fully understand the time it takes to deal with people buying and asking about fish (and have fully appreciated it myself in the past), but you had two people on both of whom were dealing with selling fish .... I waited 10mins at the counter (had to be elsewhere) before I abandoned all and left! A helpful hint, if u sell food and accessories, then perhaps someone should be on the counter to cover those customers that just want in and out of the shop, otherwise (like me this time, and it irks, as I much prefer to support local businesses) they will just go online.

Piotr Kaminski

Nice shop but they have problem with people working there.

william holdsworth

Well I went to my usual place for food for my fish... Took a look around the shop and couldnt help see that a tank of chromis were burned on the sides , gasping for air on its last legs at the bottom of the sand bed and some struggling to swim. I sed to the guy they weren't looking in best of health and was shrugged off and told that they were just in. Now that got me thinking. These fish are just in with little labels saying they ain't for sale at the moment. So I asked the guy at the desk about it. Asked if there was no quarantine system in place for these fish that they put in the display tanks for future sale... He basicly admitted that these tanks are all linked and there is nothing in place to segregate the fish coming in from the fish that are for sale.. Now i haven't ever bought fish from here. Just food. Iv always went round and looked at the fish to see if anything different was in stock. Based what iv seen over the past few visits I wouldnt buy no fish from here. Bit of a let down from a companie of its size 1/5 and that's just cause you supply my frozen blister packs... (Y)


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