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Unit 4a, kittybrewster retail park, Bedford Rd, Aberdeen AB24 3LJ, United Kingdom

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Anthony Vincent

Did an excellent job laying vinyl flooring in the bathroom...excellent job. I will return!

Darren Jamieson

Not even worth 1 star fitters poor work ,lazy attitude throw down the carpet on to the next one,had to phone my own guy to go over there work and that cost a other 60 pound,take your money and run attitude, could not be bothered doing the small cupboard just left me this big bit of carpet moved my door hinge so lose it was hanging off had to screw it in myself and door could not even shut in living room and the fitter had a could not care look on his face door a bit tight he said not touching the door because the top half of the door would have just came away with the screws he half screwed in


AVOID! Would give 0 stars if I could. I bought and booked the fitting over a month in advance. They initially double booked then I told them to sort it as I had a joiner there fitting my kitchen and I had everything planned out perfectly. The fitters turned up on the day and made every excuse under the sun as to why they couldn't do the job. Saying they didn't have enough plywood when they did. Took me screaming down the phone at the shop to get it done on that day. The fitters spoke to me and my joiner in a rude sarcastic manner as if we were stupid. I was going to go back for hard floors and a stair carpet for the rest of my house (probably spending around £3-4 k) but absolutely not. There's also another small utility area they were supposed to come back and fit and I'm still waiting 8 months later! THEY ALSO SHOVED A LOAD OF RUBBISH UNDER MY NEW KITCHEN UNITS THAT MY JOINER PULLED OUT!!! Absolute Farse! AVOID!

Graham Black

Bought a stripy new carpet for the stairs, after a few months the carpet was lying funny and stripes were wavy. Had Tapi out to look at it as per warranty. After some time they rejected there was a fault. Their reason was because the carpet was being walked on. Im no expert but surely a carpet is designed to be walked on. Wouldnt use them again.

R Nicoll

Genuinely was told by heaps of people to avoid here, and went anyway- AVOID. I took my measurements into the store, was helped by a very nice employee and made my order etc etc. No issue. 6 week delivery time, and £4-5000 later, a fitter IAN MAIN came to my house with the worst attitude, walking around as I tried to speak to him, up and down my stairs as i stood at my own front door- I literally asked him to stop as i was speaking to him, which clearly irritated him. Told me the doors would need shaved for the carpet to fit- (i already took these measurements into Tapi to ask if it would need done, and was told no). I had 6 weeks to get that done, and could have had it done for free. Tapi charge £20 PER DOOR. Obviously I wasn't happy. The rude fitter, picked up MY carpets and left when I told him i wanted to speak to Tapi. My appointment with him was 1030 am, when Tapi got hold of him at 1046, I was told he now couldn't do my job, despite my job being a full day's work. Shambles. Clearly he was in the huff, and refused- fantastic work ethic. The only good part of my experience in Tapi was the manger- Nicol. He remained very pleasant despite me getting stressed with the company. He arranged another fitted- who's name i don't have but he was very nice, to come within the same week. The door costs were eventually covered by tapi, but of course not without another fault. The did not cut my front door- so now it takes a great deal of force to physically get into my house, and it seems too much effort to complain about yet another issue with the service. However if you were elder, carrying a child or bags etc you would need to put them down to push with both hands. The last fault so far is that i ordered a built in door mat to cover my water access, did it come? no. will it come? yes and after claiming I hadn't ordered it- they did agree to cover the cost of it. Now i'm waiting another few weeks for that to be delivered and fitted. Whilst i appreciate nicol & his help, the rest of the company is a joke & I still have faults after all these resolutions. In a nutshell- GO ELSEWHERE.


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