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Unit 6a Kittybrewster Retail Park, Bedford Rd, Aberdeen AB24 3LJ, United Kingdom

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Joe Russell

Person we dealt with at local store was very helpful, but somewhat disappointed with the delivery. We were given a delivery date of 13th Feb, so arranged uplift of our old furniture. Received a text today (5th Feb) stating delivery was on schedule, then received a phone call a few mins later to say it WOULDN'T be arriving on that date. Given a "possible" delivery date of 17th Feb when we are unfortunately away. Fair enough, but our new delivery is now 2nd March(almost 3 weeks later). To say I am unhappy would be an understatement and considering we now have to sit in garden chairs awaiting possible delivery would find it difficult to recommend Harvey's to any friends or relations.

Sarah Morrice

Myself and my husband purchased a sofa at the beginning of January of 2019. We were told that the delivery would be end of March beginning of April to which I stressed to them before purchase that I didn't want the sofa delayed any Longer due to us expecting our second child in May. We are now 39 weeks pregnant and left with no furniture and have just been told that our sofa has been delayed again for the fourth time!!!! The service we have received from both the store and customer service team has been appalling. Nobody is taken responsibility or care in the matter and the usual 'we've done all we can Mam' has been the continuous one liner we keep getting. We also asked after the second time in the delay that if they could issue a loan sofa due to me being pregnant and us having a toddler. But they have refused us twice now for different reasons. Reasons that were not well explained and emphasised on our first initial purchase. We will not be purchasing a sofa from Harveys again on the basis of lack of customer care, unclear guidance and overall appalling continuous delays. I'm due my baby in a week and currently having to sit on a hard wooden floor in my own home until they can secure us a delivery date. Harveys response to this 'oh that's not an ideal situation' Never been so shocked in the lack of empathy or remorse by a store.

James Scott Buchan

I ordered 2 sofas from Harveys Kitty Brewster Aberdeen. I was promissed 10 weeks delivery when I placed the order, but it took 14 weeks for them to arrive. On arrival, both sofas were damaged and had to be put back on the truck, after a lengthy battle with the store and their national customer services department over the phone which resulted in the whole order being rejected. After almost 4 months waiting, I still do not have anything to sit on. A refund was reluctantly given and took 5 days for Harveys to authorise the transfer of funds. I will avoid Harveys and any of the big chain furnature stores in future, as this whole experience has been a complete nightmare. If you want good quality and good customer service, buy from a locally based or family owned furnature shop.

Debbie Murdoch

AVOID like the plague!!! Ordered suite 12th August 2018 told be 6 week delivery well all lies!!! It's now 10th February 2019 has been a long 6 MONTHS wait with wasted days off work waiting for deliverys that never happened, countless lies,excuses & false txt messages & manager Steven is useless, on the brighside all good things come to those who wait & wait & wait ..... (Or go to dfs) lol our suite due AGAIN tomorrow will look out for the flying pigs

David Henderson

First and last time I will buy anything from them I think. Bought brand new sofa and chair, had an issue with dye transfer, small portion with no dye. 2-3 months old. Sofa is red so is very noticeable, called and they sent out the dreadful Castlelan, same company that is used for insurance claims that you can buy wiith your product. Guy came out and fabricated all kinds of nonsense, blaming us etc etc. Don't waste your money or time with these guys are they are useless, also look up the so called specialists Castlelan, I have never seen such bad reviews for a company. Bought from Aberdeen store, Don't do it. Zero stars from me, terrible after service, terrible customer service. Buy locally told to contact head office, total nonsense, reported to Trading Standards, under sale of goods act, not fit for purpose. Would be grateful if the manager of Aberdeen store would contact me, but prob not, will update in a week or two.


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