Holland & Barrett (Health food store)

Laurel Dr, Danestone, Bridge of Don, Aberdeen AB22 8HB, United Kingdom

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Robert Wojtasz

Counter staff (Michelle) super helpful and very informative. If not in stock there order online and collect there is possible another day 👍👍


I've been left extremely upset after visiting this store on 22nd January. I entered the store and made my way to the back to look for my vitamin E capsules. And was immediately jumped on by the young staff member. She ubruptly asked what I was looking for. I didn't really feel the need for her help as I new what I was looking for, but as she'd demanded to know I told her. She immediately replied in a stern manner that they didn't stock vitamin A. I had to repeat the fact that it was vitamin E not A that I was after and she didn't seem to understand. I did become a little upset because I actually feel like I was being RACIALLY PROFILED on account that iam a mixed white / Asian woman. I was having a really nice day and this woman really upset me. Wlll be purchasing online from now on.

Sasha Barclay


Holland & Barrett at (Aberdeen)
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