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Silver Fin Building, 455 Union St, Aberdeen AB11 6DB, United Kingdom

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Helen Penny

I was struggling with motivation whilst setting up my own business and could not see past the myriad hurdles. Sarah enabled me to refocus on my end goal by showing me how my closely my ambitions aligned with my values and priorities. She also helped me to see some very realistic possibilities I would otherwise have not identified and to motivate myself to push through - and I'm so glad I did. Thanks Sarah.


Sarah is one of a kind. Having had a long successful career in finance, coupled with her genuine passion for wanting everyone to be the best they can be, you get the practical experience of what works as well as a genuine care and compassion. Sarah is honest and balanced. She won’t just tell you what you want to hear; instead she will help you learn how to figure out how to solve the problems yourself. For me, this was the biggest differentiator. I didn’t see much point in paying for advice and being reliant on that advice in the future. Sarah helps break down problems and encourages you to ask yourself honest questions to solve problems. I wouldn’t be where I am today without Sarah. I would encourage those interested in Sarah’s services to give her a call and hopefully my experiences over the last years will feed through.

Lee Watson

Working with Sarah was extremely helpful. I knew I wanted coaching but I initially struggled to identify the areas of my life I wanted to specifically focus on. Through our time together Sarah managed to find a great balance between the freedom for me to take sessions in the direction I wanted to whilst also providing a structure that meant we meet the agreed upon goals for each session culminating in the end goal which for was a career path and a new job - the first significant step on that path.

Richard gilmartin

Working with Sarah was excellent and she really helped me gain clarity and confidence.

Wendy Costikyan

Excellent coach...sympathetic, inquisitive, insightful questioner, encouraging and supportive. Highly recommend.

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