Garthdee Medical Group (Medical clinic)

Health Centre, Garthdee Rd, Aberdeen AB10 7QQ, United Kingdom

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Juliet Umeh

I hated it....the receptionist is rude to me when I called by 8am and refused to give me appointment date even when I had an emergency. It killed me. The receptionist couldn't let me speak with any doctor or nurse even when I came in person at the Garthdee center. So unfair 😒 😪

Roberta Baden-Powell

Brilliant surgery and staff friendly but the virus doesn't help when a new patient has to have phone appointments which don't get the same results as face to face appointments

Selin Petrova

The receptionists are really rude! So difficult to make an appointment!

klaudia zrobek

We are new to the area and I must say I am really disappointed with the service I received so far from the medical practice. When I was 30 weeks pregnant I kept chasing the practise for a whooping cough vaccine, and repeatedly no one knew who could administer one for me before my deadline. They kept telling me to call the hospital even though it was a nurse in the practice that was responsible for administering the injection. Eventually after calling everyone for a whole day I had Dr. Houz call me back. She was extremely rude and patronising, suggesting I rejected an appointment which was offered to me (no one called or offered me anything so there has been miss-undorstanding or confusion). Despite this not being true, she continued to argue with me rather than helping me out. She then said the practice doesn’t do the injection. Finally, I had a call from a nurse to book an appointment at the practice. By this point I was pretty upset and frustrated. I can’t express how upset I was after the phone call, the doctor was so unprofessional by claiming that I lied. I had to call my husband full of tears for him to calm me down, as she was just so rude and unhelpful - bare in mind I was 30 weeks pregnant/ literally fighting with them to get vaccine for my baby. I definitly don’t recommend that doctor as she should NOT be working with people if that’s the way she treats them. Another issue which has been highlighted on various occasions is the rude receptionist. Every time when I call there has been half-arsed attitude, and most of the times I had to be rude for them to do anything... The same thing happened to my husband twice. It’s not pleasant calling the doctor at the best of times, as it usually means something is wrong with your health, but to met with such poor manners and a confrontational tone every time we call, is completely unacceptable. If you do not enjoy working with the public, I suggest you look for alternative employment as you clearly do not have the skills or patience for such a role. Of course not everyone is bad! My midwife support has been absolutely outstanding and so was another doctor I dealt with. However these 2 people ruin it for everyone else 🤷🏻‍♀️

Machaela Mitchell

Really rude receptionists. Phoned asking for a phone call with a doctor and she said that can't happen as they are booked fully for 16 days and if I want something as an emergency I have to wait until 8am tomorrow. I didn't even get a chance to explain what's wrong with me and why it can't wait until 8am. Now I have no idea what to do. I'm in a lot of pain and now stuck.


Garthdee Medical Group at (Aberdeen)
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