The Underground Klub (Night club)

10 Bridge St, Aberdeen AB11 6JJ, United Kingdom

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KDJ Trojak

I was at the bar on my bday and some rando spilled my drink and I payed 6 pound for my drink and the barmaid said "can't do anything about it" not her fault but her manager said they can't do anything about it??? I'm in here every Friday and they can't help me out... disappointed, I always loved and promoted ug and got heaps of folk to come here and now this... offt

Jelay S

Only allow cash at the bar so the barkeepers pocket your change. Just rude.


Their "FREE ENTRY" stickers are everywhere. That sounds like not a big deal but when you see them EVERYWHERE you go... like there is no need for such an aggressive advertisement and city pollution. Better spend the money on something that will make your club better. Speaking of the club: staff is rude and it's not just my experience. Quite a few people I know say that underground staff is crazy. Ventilation is bad. It's always dead hot inside. They've got one little air conditioner in the big room but it's never on. There is a worker in the toilet that doesn't let you wash your hands unless you pay him. And if you don't wash your hands, he shames you for being dirty (which is hilarious but disturbing). They don't accept cards and it's too expensive. To be fair, they've got 2 or 3 nice Rick and Morty graffito (and over 20 below the average sketches, so is it really a pro). Wouldn't recommend, especially when you can find so many other clubs in the area with better lights, speakers, rooms and ventilation.

G Dog Gaming

Best club in Aberdeen but that is not saying much. There was always a strong scent of VKs and it was always way too crowded. Music was...passable

Jamie MacMillan

Honestly don't know what half of these reviews are on about, it's the only club in Aberdeen in which I don't feel judged on what I'm wearing etc. Not going to argue about the dude in the toilet but it's got to the point I find it funny. Never had the staff be rude to me, the bouncers let me and my mates in irrelevant of our state and the music is always decent. Love it.


The Underground Klub at (Aberdeen)
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