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41 Queen's Ln S, Aberdeen AB15 4BF, United Kingdom

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Jennifer Morris

Right from Chris introducing himself when you first step foot into his premises , you know this is a professional set up. Chris is interested in his clients. He wants the best for his clients and doesn't just look to fitness, it's a whole picture. I think his people skills are exceptional which enables him to make programs & sessions that people are able to work with and stick to so that there is development & progression. For me, very quickly. I also have confidence in Chris as he has the medical backup & support. So I feel safe that what we are doing is right. Of course it is great to be trained by a former top level, professional athlete. However Chris is very grounded & he is interested in guiding his clients to reach their goals however small and I suspect most discover they can achieve even more. You've got to put the work in though. Coaches are there to guide, develop, share knowledge & support. The rest is down to you.

John Buchan

I have known chris since 2009 and he has been one of the best coaches i have ever met. I was a national runner for many years and Chris is up there as one of the best. His methods and techniques to getting the best out of you are second to none. Chris is extremely professional and has the upmost respect for his clients and I think Aberdeen is lucky he has come back and is coaching us to all be better, in many aspects of our lives. I know i will continue to improve with his guidance and support. Many thanks Chris.

Katie Chisholm

I have been seeing Chris for about 6 weeks. I had never been to a personal trainer or attended a gym before. My close friend passed away suddenly of a heart attack aged 59. I decided I needed to look after my health and improve my fitness. Chris has helped me so much. I received a thorough assessment and he provided me with an exercise plan tailored to my abilities. I feel so much better since starting with Chris. I see him for 2 hours a week and follow my plan the rest of the week. Chris is very kind and encourages me to do my best, with his help I feel I am progressing week on week. I am due for assessment in a couple of weeks, so look forward to seeing the results. Chris is supportive and contacts me regularly to see how I'm getting on. If you're considering seeing a personal trainer for health reasons or to improve your general fitness, or like me want to lose some weight and be around to watch your children and grandchildren grow up, I would thoroughly recommend Chris. I never thought at 61 I could do a plank! Gone from a few seconds to 35 in a few weeks. Looking forward to sing my grandson and catching him!

Martin Dickie

Second time of working with Chris. First was for a couple of years around 2012. Reconnected by chance 6 months ago and very glad I did. Working with Chris two sessions a week with a goal of a marathon in late 2022 currently. Great training and advice from a successful athlete who has extensive experience in both living and training as a professional athlete training with world class athletes and trainers and has an in-depth scientific education focused on human biology and bio mechanics. superb instruction on all aspects of training from warm up, core fitness and key sessions that are required for progression plus tips on nutrition, life balance and mental wellbeing. Highly recommend for anyone wanting to make substantial gains in wellness and sport.


Chris is perfect for anyone who is serious about their fitness. He is very professional, and dedicated to the health and wellbeing of his clients. If you prefer one-to-one training that is tailored directly to your needs, and if you are willing to work towards your fitness goals, then you will not find a better personal trainer in Aberdeen.


Personal Training Aberdeen - Trusted Trainer : Toro Blanco at (Aberdeen)
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