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Danestone Pl, Bridge of Don, Aberdeen AB23 8JB, United Kingdom

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The Cabin Shop

We had a skunk incident, my poor dog was sprayed right into her face. The whole house, especially the bedroom was skunked as my dog is an inside dog. The smell penetrated the house, rugs, and bed as soon as she walked in. Our eyes were in tears and the nose fatigued for days from the stink. We bought at least 6 different skunk shampoos to clean the smell of her, all of them definitely fail in the one big thing, you can't use it on the dogs' face near her eyes. It is either a dangerous substance or the dog would not like the smell and would not permit to put that on her face and hold, or it would not leather into a foam on that area. I would rate the efficiency of the best one we tried 75% at best. Then we tried the Stinky Beasties Dog Shampoo Bar, which is not a skunk shampoo, but it worked the best of all the things we tried. It is easy to use and lather the foam on the dogs' nose easily. Also, my dog was not bothered by the smell and allowed the soap to stay on her face. It leaves a pleasant smell after wash, and I would rate the efficiency 90+%. I would definitely recommend this shampoo for a skunk shampoo, and I would advise washing your dog at least twice, leathering the spots that were sprayed, and holding them for 5 minutes or longer before rinsing the dog. Thank you so much for this wonderful product, we loved it!

Allan Roger

Great products all 100% natural. I've used the neem shampoo and charcoal both smell amazing and the end results are fantastic. I have also used the paw balm when my dogs paws are cracked and and sore this product helped with a speedy recovery. I also love the grooming sprays they smell great and not over powering very good to help with the wet dog smell. Delivery is fast and the owner is very helpful. I highly recommend all products

Megan Miller

Excellent quality products and customer service. My Lab had dry, cracked pads and the paw balm worked wonders. I also love the conditioning and grooming spray for my keeps his coat soft and the lemongrass scented one smells phenomenal! Love knowing the products are all natural and handmade. Highly recommend!!!

Saira Walker

Amazing products and they really do what they are designed to do. Leanne is extremely knowledgeable and will take the time to talk through your dogs needs. The products smell amazing, and so do my dogs after use. Regardless of what nasties they’ve rolled in on their walks. No harsh chemical, 100% natural with no palm oil. Other products I’ve tried say they are natural, until you read the labels. Personally I wouldn’t use any other products on my dogs. 100% trust in Walking the Pack products.

Kym Bryson

The products that I have brought so far have been amazing :). My dogs love to role in extremely smelly stuff and the soaps and sprays work a treat. Leanne has been very good at working with me to get the right product and of course a great price too. Amazing little business. Thank you


Stinky Beasties: Natures Pet Products at (Aberdeen)
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