J.W.'s Sushi (Sushi restaurant)

75 Huntly St, Aberdeen AB10 1TE, United Kingdom

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Alice Black

Lovely, fresh and light sushi and really lovely customer service! Generous portion sizes and can't wait to go back for more. Picture added - I should have got a better one but was too keen to get it eaten!

Elena Ramona Rusu

The best sushi we had ever! Me and my husband became addicted to their sushi and we are ordering every Saturday since we find it. Big portions, big platters, fresh all the time, good price and nice owners. We love this tiny place and we recommend it to everyone!

Annette Goh

Oh wow!!! This is now my favorite restaurant in Aberdeen! The food is fresh, tasty and the way they serve it, it is like an art piece! Highly recommended for Japanese food. It’s also reasonably priced. The restaurant is very small and cozy and always busy even with takeaways. A definitely MUST go if you love Japanese food.

Josef Schachner

Great sushi place. Fresh made sushi, good selection of traditional and modern styles. You can sit at the bar and watch the chefs or sit at the (only) table. They don’t serve alcohol. Definitely a step above the “standard” sushi fare without being crazy expensive.

Varissa Mae Yabit

The BEST place to have sushi in Aberdeen! Their menu is filled with many sushi options from maki, temaki, nigiri and even sashimi! They had a selection of fish from tuna, salmon, smoked salmon, unagi and even king prawns. I highly recommend the unagi roll (8 large pieces). Its a roll with eel, cucumber and avocado. Another roll I recommend is the mixed selection futomaki/uramaki (8 large pieces) where you get to try any combination of seafood you like. I ordered the salmon, smoked salmon, tuna and king prawns futomaki. From there you can decide which roll you like and order a single kind futomaki/uramaki. I also highly recommend the Philadelphia roll which is a roll with cream cheese, peppers, cucumber, smoked salmon rolled in rice and fish roe. But any roll you order will be delicious. I am looking forward to go back again! Keep in mind that the place is very small and seats about 14 people for the whole restaurant. It's a very Japanese style as well. This gives the sushi chef's time to prepare your sushi and you'll be able to interact with them while they make your sushi. They are super friendly and nice people. JW sushi is from their names John and William. The service was quick. Everything was amazing!


J.W.'s Sushi at (Aberdeen)
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5 to 9PM