Vehicle Rejuvenation Specialists (Car detailing service)

85 Preston Rd, Brighton BN1 4QG, United Kingdom

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Jawad Sayani

Fantastic experience, have had my BMW M4 Comp and Tesla Model X paint corrected and ceramic coated. Kamil and his team are very dedicated and lots of enthusiasm not mention lovely and pleasant people. Finished product is remarkable, looks even better than the brand-new factory finish. Highly recommended, not the cheapest but you get what you pay for!

Alex May

I've been wanting to use Kamil's services for such a long time and he did a fantastic job and well worth the wait! He removed all the mess and smells from the previous owner, even though it was 'cleaned' by a dealer. He took the time to make me aware of some issues which I hadn't noticed, nothing too bad but to be aware of and hopefully I can take this to the dealer. Kamil is expensive, however his time and expertise and the quality of his work is clearly worth it.

John Kavanagh

Kamil is great. Personable, friendly, willing to share his knowledge, talk you through options, and is an absolute perfectionist. He has been looking after our cars for several years and has always gone above and beyond, keeping our cars in pristine condition inside and out. I really cannot sing his praise highly enough. Even if your car is years old and has never been washed (or worse: has been washed by the dealership!) it will come out of Kamil’s workshop looking better than it did from the factory.

Charlotte Delmonte

I would highly recommend Kamil and his services. He responded to my email within 24 hours and provided answers to all the questions I had. He was very personable on meeting and I wouldn’t hesitate to use his services again. Great customer experience.


Flabbergastingly great!! I don’t know how else to describe the work Kamil and his team just did. My T5 was left parked under a large tree, unmoved, for 16 months. To say it was "carpeted" with bird's business would be an understatement. It was so bad, I couldn’t take a photo. I thought it was beyond saving. 24 hours later, and I‘m looking at a showroom quality shine. These guys go beyond professional and into the realms of magic! Cleaned, polished, protected and loved. Vehicle Rejuvenation Specialists? Yup, they truly are. Thank you guys!


Vehicle Rejuvenation Specialists at (Brighton and Hove)
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