Mail Boxes Etc. Brighton (Courier service)

91 Western Rd, Brighton BN1 2NW, United Kingdom

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Md Ilias Kamal Risat

Very funny and weird that their minimum print price is £2.00. It’s true that they have friendly staffs, but minimum price keeps oneself always unwelcome at this place. They should have realised that people do not need to visit their shop for bulk printing(people have better options for bulk printing). People prefer these shops for emergency printing usage, which are 1/2 pages. Very funny and weird minimum price😞

Alex Gerardi

As a business owner myself I think it’s perfectly reasonable to have a minimum charge for printing, as this high street business must have fixed costs to cover like rent and rates.

Mark Said Camilleri

I needed a passport photocopy so I went here since I knew they would be open during lockdown providing essential services. I was informed by the staff that there is a minimum £2.00 printing fee. I left since I only needed 1 page. However 4 stars because the staff were professional about it, and informed me as soon as I told them what I needed.

Emanuel Micali

Probably a good place. They have a minimum charge of £2 though, so if you need to print just a couple pages it’s not recommended at all, plus, during COVID and due to many people working from home without a printer this policy should have been amended.

Maz C

Editing this because the last five times, yes, five, the guy with the long hair has totally been patronizing. Yes, I'm a short older woman, but I do know what I want and am literally and actually in your shop to facilitate that. The woman with brown hair has taken over and been totally amazing while patronising man has engaged with me. Still five stars because they get the job done but the guy who likes to think he knows everything needs to go on a 'I don't know everything' course and also the 'Women over 50 might know what they are talking about and I can respect that as much as if she were a man of her age group'. <One such he was busy serving and doing all sorts of helpful for while i was stood there being ignored while he said to me, 'We can't do that'. Odd. Because you could and you did. Really lovely staff, very helpful - even when things don't go 100% smoothly (as in recently, something went awry, not their fault re a delivery, but it was 'action stations' when I let them know and they did all they could to sort it). If I had a choice, even if no queue at all (as if...) at the Post Office, I'd head to Mail Boxes Etc. every time.


Mail Boxes Etc. Brighton at (Brighton and Hove)
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