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14 Hill Pl, Arbroath DD11 1AF, United Kingdom

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Disclaimer: I am the husband of Claire who is the acupuncturist at the practice. My review is my honest view but felt I should highlight my relationship. Although Claire has been busy seeing and helping numerous clients I myself have always had a bit of aversion to needles so it had not been something I have had. Although the acupuncture needles do not cause any discomfort I have nevertheless not asked for many treatments. I am also somewhat of a sceptic of any alternative treatments generally although I am open minded enough to try things such as Chiropractors etc in the past when required. In the last several months I have had problems with my sinuses and particularly across the bridge of my nose with aches and pressure build up. I have had all sorts of sprays, anti histamines and seen an ENT specialist. Aspects of these all had some small benefit but not to any great degree. Claire offered me some treatment involving acupuncture needles. I have had 2 treatments and the results have been excellent. After the first treatment the pressure across the bridge of my nose dissipated almost completely. This lasted several days before the further treatment which again has relieved more pressure and so far has had my breathing, from more clear sinuses, to be much improved. The results have been unbelievably good. I know from Claire’s clients reviews that their benefits have been very positive and I can certainly see why from my experience here. From my experience over these treatments and with myself being generally needle averse I would encourage anyone similar not to be put off. The needles are on the whole painless, although I did have the odd slightly sore one on some particularly sensitive parts, but even these couple were nothing overly sore or uncomfortable once in and settled. The results so far have really helped the sinuses that I have had months of trouble with. Lastly once the needles are in it is very relaxing and I had a little semi-snooze!


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