Appletree Clinic (Acupuncture clinic)

Drumsturdy Road, Broughty Ferry, Dundee DD5 3RE, United Kingdom

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jenna gibson

Very nice experience. I felt welcome and relaxed. Would definitely recommend to others.

Marnie Stirling

Bit of a trek to get to and does get very busy, so parking needs to be considerate of others coming and going. My initial appointment was £44 and was told future appointments would be £39 which is very reasonable and competitive. Had a great first appointment with the osteopath about my back after having a car accident after my work recommended them. My injuries were made worse as I already have a bad back so the osteopath asked me lots of questions about the history of my back problems more than the car accident itself. I felt calm and relaxed during the appointment. I had hobbled into the clinic because of the pain, and walked out pain free and feeling light and energised. There was no horrible manipulations like you'd get at a chiropractor - that has done me more harm than good in the past. Every touch and movement was gentle. I was reassured that if I was uncomfortable in anyway - physically or personally that I just need to say stop. Unlike a chiropractor, the osteopath said a review is done after 4 sessions, and if there's no improvement after 4 then treatment would need to stop for awhile so the body can adjust and heal. It was refreshing to hear someone say that as you sometimes feel like alternative medicine is there to take money off you. I've been to the pain specialist about my back and she linked my chronic pain to my wellbeing due to a very stressful job and hectic life. The osteopath said similar things and talked me through how stress etc affects the body and recommended good therapies out with things like CBT that can help. I was given some gentle movements to do, and things to look up online for improving my wellbeing for my next appointment which was very helpful and interesting. I felt listened to in the appointment, unlike my experiences with NHS physios where I've been told I must have a bad back because I'm lazy, my muscles aren't strong enough after having a baby and need to do X, Y & Z to get fit when I already do those things! I have work colleagues who have been to the clinic to get acupuncture and they have said it's been amazing for them and has cured a lot of the painful symptoms of their MS and fibromyalgia that's meant they are now drug free. I'm hoping I can get some similar results!

Sabrina Simpson

If you want a professional yet friendly and relaxing atmosphere, this is the place to go. The staff are exceptional and I wouldn't go anywhere else.

Fiona Millar

My son has been receiving treatment here.Can thoroughly recommend it.Friendly ,welcoming staff and great results from his treatment.

earle wilson

Excellent knowledgeable staff and very friendly too. Happy to recommend and would easily use them again.


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