Iona Abbey and Nunnery (Abbey)

Isle of Iona PA76 6SQ, United Kingdom

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Where is Iona Abbey and Nunnery?

Opinions of Iona Abbey and Nunnery at (Argyll and Bute)

William McCreadie

Sadly the Abbeys IT system was down and we needed to book online to book a tour of the Abbey that I never had time to do as I was time limited due to being part of a coach tour but will definitely revisit one day and get an actual tour of the Abbey! I visited the cemetery and nunnery that had lots of historical information and a feeling of peace in the air.

Lynsey Chaddock

Booked online as with covid there are restrictions on how many people can enter. On entry we were greeted by nice staff and given an audio guide. The walk around is nice. Audio guide is slow but informative. Lots of signs to read about different items and areas. Beautiful place however it was currently being prepared for closing for renovations and so half of the buildings were covered in scaffolding.

Richard Payne

Amazing place on an amazing island. Plenty to explore and look for. Make sure you have plenty of time to get onto the island and have a look around. There is easy access to the site, with a small incline up the hill to ascend first. There are no toilets near the Abbey itself, so if you have little ones, you can visit the ones near the ferry terminal. There's some great architecture and gravestones/slabs and a small giftshop.

Marisa V

A fantastic tour through a beautiful, ancient abbey teeming with fascinating history and set in an idyllic location. Great for religious folks and history buffs. Our tour guide Jon was friendly and knowledgeable. COVID measures were taken. Would recommend booking a tour well outside of your ferry times, as ferry times are not always exact and it takes about 10 minutes to walk from the ferry terminal to the abbey. Was also very impressed with the Historic Scotland customer service. after booking my ticket, I realised I would not be able to make the tour due to my ferry time. I was able to email the day before my tour and they very kindly changed my tour to a later time. Thanks for accommodating!

chris mc donald

We didn't make our tour time as we missed the ferry but we were lucky to find a great guide who gave us a great tour round the cloisters and the Abbey Church. She was so nice and the tour was very interesting.


Iona Abbey and Nunnery at (Argyll and Bute)
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