HMNB Clyde (Naval base)

Faslane, Helensburgh G84 0EH, United Kingdom

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Good fun and friendly staff. They even let you fire de-activated nuclear warheads to random countries, but I went to the toilet and found a piece of paper with letters and numbers which I thought it was the wifi password. Turned out to be one of the nuclear weapons secret codes. Now we are at war (sorry)

Robert Harmon

Great base, food is varied and tasty, with a fantastic shop too! Cinema once or twice a week and a bowling alley to be opened soon! Only problem is how far away it is from anything else, although you can get almost everything you need on base.


Cells in 1978 were great on the night of my 21st

Philip Hendry

Haven't experienced WiFi this bad since 2003, has a naffi that has rubbish working hours for the fact 95% of the time, people are working the same hours. Buses never stick to schedules which makes it a nightmare. Bars smoking area is about a 5 minute walk away. Most places on base don't take card, most cashpoints empty pretty quickly.

Matt W

Fantastic stuff, looking forward to seeing the new Dreadnought class subs sometime in the future. This location is somewhere for the libtards and other far left moaners to proclaim a waste of money, but forget the income generated locally from workers, crews, support staff and such massively help the local economy which would collapse without it.


HMNB Clyde at (Argyll and Bute)
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