Outside Edge (Sporting goods store)

6 Macgregor Court, Oban PA34 4DJ, United Kingdom

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Tony Arthur

Great shop. First staff member encountered needs to go on a customer service course. Instantly put of by his attitude and that made my decision not to buy anything really easy. Sad as we had been told it was a great shop to get some decent gear.

Natalie Stirling

I would like to give a big shout out to these amazingly helpful staff in this shop for helping us find the best option for our kayak. Both Dave and Charlotte were extremely friendly and helpful. I would highly recommend them if anyone is going for a holiday in Oban and needs outdoor kit.

Oban One

I did not feel overly welcome if anything the feeling of i was putting them out for being in there, being local was hoping to use and support local shops but will just use Amazon.

Jason mawer

Walk in shop was in their 1 min then got followed around by this miserable looking man as if I was gonna stick a canoe down my trousers so decided order of amazon and got it next day

Darren Blyth

Found staff very rude had my 1 year old child with me and asked me to take her outside too Finnish her small part of food..... very disappointing .... left without buying anything, would think a local shop like this would be happy too see customers in the currant situation and lost a sale of around £200-£300 today and certainly will not be back!!


Outside Edge at (Argyll and Bute)
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