British Red Cross shop (Thrift store)

60 John St, Dunoon PA23 8BJ, United Kingdom

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Rob Hayes

As a collector of Celtic jewellery I have often found the prices in this shop to be excessive, well beyond the secondary market value and often verging on the sort of price you'd expect to see in an inner city jewellers, but for most other items the prices are fair to cheap and the staff make good use of the limited space. I've rarely left the shop empty handed and only once felt that I'd spent more than I should have, but then that was for a piece of jewellery that it turned out was available on ebay for less than half the price - including postage.

Helen Menzies

Pokey little shop. The prices range from OK to ridiculous.

Rhona Dominick

Great shop.lovely staff.

Liz Lewis

Josephine Mclaren


British Red Cross shop at (Argyll and Bute)
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