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Whitmoor Forest, Swinley Rd, Winkfield Row, Ascot SL5 8BD, United Kingdom

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Poppy Ashworth

Truly magical! The attention to detail was just incredible - every costume, set and tiny corner of the experience was just perfect! Of course the staff & actors completely made the experience - every single one was perfect! Worth every penny & more! Made for the most perfect Christmas Eve!

Patrik Resetka

The best place to take kids for Christmas to see Father Christmas and enjoy a whole day of activities. We went for the first time and it was magical. Half of the experience consist of played interactive shows for the kids and second half you get to spend 1.5h in the Christmas village with shops and ice skating ring. Food at the village is surprisingly good for a fast food type with tasty pizza, burgers and hot dogs. At the end you're taken to see Father Christmas. We will be back next year! :)

Chris T

They did this so well and would recommend you book for next year. Read the website to see what you get. Don't expect the world though, yes it's expensive but in my opinion well worth it. Both big and small people had fun πŸ˜€ Reading about the wait for Santa on other reviews, I think we waited no more than 15 minutes. Maybe they had an issue on one day but for us it was fine.

Robert Pigot

Lapland UK is incredible, not only does it look and feel like the most magical Christmas wonderland but the staff and elves that work there are amazing. Nothing was too much and they took time to engage with my two boys who loved every second. Santa was great (as usual) and he remembered me which was a nice.

Terri Bainbridge

I've wanted to go for years but hadn't been able to for one reason or another. We were finally able to go this year and I couldn't wait, only to come away feeling slightly disappointed with it. My views... β›„ The theatrical parts, the Toy Factory and Mother Christmas are really good, and the kids enjoyed them, although it did feel a little rushed going through from one part to the next. If I'm being nitpicky I'd probably prefer an extra show or activity in there though as it felt like it was over too quickly. I was just a bit "like, oh, that's it?" as we left Mother Christmas's kitchen. πŸŽ„The sets and scenery look amazing, so much attention to detail. β›„ The elves were all amazing, they really do give it 100% πŸŽ„ A big downside for me... The paths are absolutely horrible. Trudging through mud really spoils it when you've got the lovely snowy scenery around it which is a real shame when you consider how much effort goes into the rest of the 'set'. You end up focusing more on dodging big muddy puddles than soaking up the fantastic scenery, and I think it ruins the overall aesthetic. There really should be bark down the pathways the same as the village IMO. β›„ The village was very underwhelming. The ice rink was really busy every time we looked so we didn't even attempt it, overall I thought there was no atmosphere to it and it felt a bit disconnected I guess. I imagine it's probably much better when it gets dark so you've got the impact of the lights, but it didn't feel very magical to us at all However.... The important part... πŸŽ…πŸ» Our Father Christmas was absolutely incredible. For me, he was the very epitome of FC. The boys were mesmerised and I actually filled up several times as he interacted with them. My 9 year old 'Santa skeptic' has come away truly believing again! I was really worried about this after seeing some of the early reviews from this year but honestly he was just incredible. Overall though, the place itself didn't live up to the hype of what I'd anticipated from following for the last 4/5 years or so. I do think it's quite overpriced too if I'm being totally honest, especially given that some days/times are Β£150+ per person. I also don't think it is worth a long journey if you're not close by. We travelled from the North East and I wish we'd made a weekend trip out of and visited some other places, as it was too far to travel for what it was.


LaplandUK at (Bracknell Forest)
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