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Louis Mullane

Terrible service from members of staff in the pharmacy section. Totally incapable of helping in their customer facing role. Passed from pillar to post to get a basic prescription for baby formula milk over 6 days. Provided with false details over a period of a week as it seemed no one knew what they we're doing. Eventually the pharmacist explained she was 'too busy' to assist as people 'were on lunch' and 'they're understaffed'. After abysmal service I ended needing to go to another local pharmacy and paying for the prescription because the majority of staff at boots clearly feel that helping customers is above their role. However, I must mention Sam, a pharmacist at boots who went and above and beyond to try and assist. Her colleagues could take some tips. Would avoid having any prescriptions sent here due to staff members ability to complete basic communication skills.

Richard Baker

Would just like to thank the lady who took my call in this store, I rang to see if I could book a flu jab there Thursday 14th Oct she said they were booked untill end of Nov, but then just as I was hanging up she said oh wait a moment and try the little store on station road she heard they may well do a walking, and bless her got in there next morning 9am job done, so thank you very helpful.

Sarah Jones

Pleasant enough store although small. I do feel the staff could be friendlier. Good customer service is a must in stores and I don't feel they offer a warm service here, the service feels a bit cold and uppety. On a lighter note I do love the cucumber products for the skin.. Lovely smell, great price and light on the skin, I prefer it more than expensive brands...go cucumbers.

Chris Hopp

My wife receives weekly deliveries of her medication in dosset box form. Most of the time. It is the unknown as to wether or not boots pharmacy will deliver at all. Quite often this leaves my wife without her essential medication, in this particular case for the entire bank holiday weekend. This is anxiety inducing. I’d be reasonable and put it down to the cv19 outbreak, but it was like this well before. When they just don’t bother to deliver, there is no contact from them. When I complained I was treated poorly. I would pick them up, if they just would let me know they can’t deliver. I’ll be looking elsewhere ASAP. YMMV.

Helen Chisnall

A really helpful lady served me but I had come from Lloyd's pharmacy up the road, which had more range of goods, in order to use my Boots card, so was a tad disappointed with the limited range of goods. However, I managed to get what I wanted, e.g lens wipes and Aveeno moisturiser. I used to like the Boots Natural Collection make-up and toiletries range so disappointed that they no longer sell them but it was years ago so maybe they don't make them any more.


Boots at (Bath and North East Somerset)
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