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Riverside Cottages, Hanham, Bristol BS15 3NL, United Kingdom

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Sarah Windham-Luck

Lotus Belle Air Bud - 3m diameter, air beam, beautiful, quality, lotus bud shaped ‘bell’ tent. The clear yet personable email order confirmation immediately instills confidence that Hari (the owner & designer of Lotus Belle tents) is going to do what she says she’s going to do. Sure enough my Air Bud and accessories turned up exactly as promised. It was more beautiful than I hoped for. Even the wheeled carry case is both lovely and practical. The instructions were clear and easy to follow. It quite literally took me 5 minutes to pump up the tent to full height and another 15 minutes to peg out the guy ropes & put up the porch. I’m 5ft 2” and not particularly strong but it was a stress-free delight. The bag with all the gear in would be a bit heavy for me if on my own, but easily solved by putting the heavy rubber mallet, air pump and chunky pegs in a separate bag to distribute the weight, so not really a problem. The clever design provides excellent head height and the bulbous sides means just a 3m diameter feels enormous. You can comfortably fit 3 decent sleeping mats (60cm wide) and still have space for bags. Great practical features include a mesh inner door, zip down windows covers, mesh inner windows that unzip to fully open for great air flow, a low air vent at the back of the tent incorporating a zipped cable entry point as well as a spacious porch. The poly-cotton has kept the tent cool during hot days and the cocoon-like feel inside has been cosy and warm at night. Rain just beads off the outside and the porch keeps the entrance nice and dry. The air beams even make decorating easy! It’s safe to say we love our beautiful, well thought through Air Bud and I would definitely recommend saving up, taking a leap of faith and getting one! Hopefully the pictures attached demonstrate how big it really is inside, the quality of the finish and some of the practical features. Finally added the roof cover after 10 days of “seasoning” the canvas. Looks lovely inside & out!

The Brinks 247 show

Just had two of the 5 m stargazers delivered. The quality is excellent and the totally live up to expectation. Hari and team were really helpful and gave useful advice. If my business expands again I will definitely go with lotus belle tents again.

Sally Elsbury

Hari, the business owner was on hand to provide great support for my online purchase of this beautiful lotus Belle, 3m airbelle tent. I am thoroughly delighted with both the service and the tent. I now have a beautiful, cosy space for my massage treatments, with plenty of room to put a massage plinth or a double futon on the floor, due to no centre pole! My clients love it, as do I. It feels like a beautiful massage temple.

Theo Birch

Well, i think the Lotus Belle Tent is the best in the world! I'm not joking. Easy to put up..looks fabulous..and if, like us, you rent them out you get 5* reviews from all your clients. Thank you Lotus Belle Tents!

Louise Zlotnicki

Lotus Belle tents are the best! I have two Belles, both used seasonally....one still happy and beautiful at 9 years old. They are easy to pitch, roomy, look gorgeous and absolutely LAUGH at a storm! As a customer contacting Hari in 2012 and still purchasing in 2021, I think it's wonderful that she is still just as lovely and personal to her clients....even though the Lotus Belle Tent company has grown so much. Brilliant!


Lotus Belle Tent at (Bath and North East Somerset)
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