Avon Valley Cyclery (Bicycle repair shop)

Brunel Square, Bath BA1 1SX, United Kingdom

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Rupert Wolfe Murray

People in bike shops can be really unfriendly and in some places I've been they look down on me as being ignorant to the science of cycling and what's new in the equipment front. This shops is the exact opposite and the people who work there are so friendly it's incredible; and they weren't hamming it up because I was buying a £5000 bike (I wish...) -- that's just how they are. I was only there to get a cover for my Brompton but they chatted away for ages as if I was the only customer in the world. Not only do they sell (and service) Bromptons but they also have the legendary Moultons -- surely the best bikes made in UK. They have the usual range of mountain and electric bikes too and a spacious workshop. Most interesting thing about this place is the fact that it's located in what would have once been a dingy, damp, rubbish-filled railway arch. As Arnie says "I'll be back".

Cine Pro

Dealt with AVC whilst purchasing a new bike via cycle to work. They were really helpful and responsive to all my enquiries. Delivery was sorted really quickly and the set-up was spot on. All in all excellent. Thanks guys.

Jon Gore

An example of really great customer service after a poor initial experience SECOND UPDATE - Very impressed with how Avon Valley Cyclery dealt with my issues. Thanks to Gareth for persevering through a series of phonecalls. He talked me calmly and systematically through each individual issue and clearly explained the reason for each one. In short, it was a mixture of bad luck (gear shifter breaking early into a 100-mile cycle), misunderstandings and one piece of information that was not communicated. This was around the fact that after fitting new gear cables, they would recommend a period of bedding in, during which they would expect some niggles, which they would fix for no charge as a post-service “check-up”. Had I known that, I would have done a few short cycles before embarking on the 100-mile cycle with my son. They have changed their procedures and are now pointing this out more explicitly to customers. I am fully satisfied with the explanation that they don’t recommend changing any parts unless they have gone past 50% wear, and the wear in the photos was after a 100-mile cycle, which could have pushed them past a marginal decision into a clear-cut decision. This has been a lesson in how to treat an annoyed customer calmly and scrupulously fairly, without either being too defensive or too ingratiating. Only once each individual issue had been addressed and explained did Gareth offer a free service at some point in future, so that I can see them at their best, as every other reviewer here has done. FIRST UPDATE - having got my bike back from Julian House - see these photos of the worn brake calipers and pads. We can't quite believe I wasn't told about these in a £120 service - it's as if they weren't looked at. I will be contacting them for at least a part refund and will post another update when I hear back INITIAL REVIEW - In contrast to most reviewers here, I had a series of bad experiences. I got my and my 9 year old son's bikes serviced in advance of a sponsored cycle - we usually use Julian House but they were booked up, so I bit my lip and paid double the price at Avon Valley Cyclery. Both bikes then developed gear problems within 40 miles - my son very upset with his bike jumping out of gears and mine almost unrideable, sticking in gears and chain regularly jumping off. I took mine back in and they diagnosed a broken gear shifter - they recommended I buy one which, now I've taken it into Julian House I've discovered doesn't fit on the bike. Julian House have also spotted the rear wheel not trued properly and rear brake calipers worn - both things I would have expected to have been addressed in a service, especially one at that price. So, in summary, I found Avon Valley Cyclery expensive and extremely poor quality, and would recommend people go elsewhere

David Howarth

I was on a 2 day ride from my home in West Sussex to visit my son in Bristol. My rear derailleur gear cable snapped outside Warminster. My bike had panniers fixed so it was obvious I was on a journey. When I asked if my gear cable could be replaced I was told it could be done in 2 weeks! I went to Julian House and they replaced it within an hour, despite being obviously busy.

Edward Scotcher

Luke, who works here and helped us choose a new bike for our child was fantastic. The choice was great, the staff friendly and the service excellent.


Avon Valley Cyclery at (Bath and North East Somerset)
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