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Liam Rush

Really unbelievably bad! I got a clear air zone fine during the virus (which I think is morally disgusting) but was let off after explaining my situation providing I paid the £9 owed. This I paid. A month later I get another letter saying the fine has doubled due to unpaid fees! Trying to talk to a human being is a nightmare, as usual they make it difficult to resolve any issues by simply using an automated system that takes you in circles. I don't have time for this nonsense.

James Barrett

Punish Small Business by bringing in a clean air zones, Placing cameras behind trees and warning signs are not clear they should be marked on the road. £160 Fine for a delivery i only made half that on. I will never visit your city centre ever again so good luck growing your city centre. After the fine i had to travel to bathampton meaning 25Mins longer Drive that's really good for the environment.

Valerie Rossmore

I agree with last review: unbelievably bad. Shocking lack of interest, care about collecting recycling. Many, many times they've failed to collect plastic waste. Also my (i.e.) cardboard sack has been left many streets away... eventually turning up (or not) 4 days later. And complaining seems useless.

William Taplin

I’m disgusted by how greedy the council is. The clean air fines have been rolled out while the majority is still recovering from the Covid quarantines. Simply being forgetful results in a £69 fine, if you are brave enough to challenge the fine you risk them doubling it as it’s not paid within 14 days. They also offer no simple automatic way to pay the fee and the signage indicating you are in a clean air zone is pathetically bad.

Csaba Molnar

In the last 6-7 weeks, the recycling waste is not collected. I did contact them many times, but no improvement was experienced in the service. They don't care about it!


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