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15 Union St, Bath BA1 1RR, United Kingdom

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Jo sz

Awful customer service by older woman with glasses (blondish/grey skinny) absolutely rude with no knoweledge of customer service whatsoever nor how to process the refund. I have brought Guess bracelet for refund as it arrived faulty . I explained I have already ordered replacement. I had receipt and original box etc. She made a fuss saying she cannot see anything wrong with it. Minutes later she finally seen the black point with the gold coating coming off yeahhh finally. Then she said'' I already returned something from the receipt''!!!!!! Yes as I ordered 4 pairs of earrings two in gold and two in rose gold to see them in store and decide which ones I wanted!!!!!!! How dare you say such a thing! It is my money and my decision. She then refused to show me the earrings I brought with me unopened to see if I like them as they arrived sealed and once I open the package I would not be able to return them.She told me if I open them in store I will not be able to return them! I have explained her colleague did it with no problem a week ago as I ordered earrings in rose gold and gold and wanted to choose one. She told me'' well she should not''! As I was not sure about them I said I will leave them to what she shouted ''for God sake'' !!!!! I have told her this is terrible customer service to what she said oh sorry I just thought they are nice!!!! If you think that I do not have to, do I? also I have bought other ones!!!! Few days later I came in to collect my order two pairs of earrings. She has brought two jewellery boxes, one dispatch note missing. It looked suspicious as i expected it to be in a paper sealed box like you get home delivery in. One of the guess boxes was absolutely filthy. The other pair with missed delivery note has not been sealed!!!!! Oh so you made such a fuss and dis not want to open the package for me to see the earrings but now giving me filthy box and a pair which most likely was used before! I refused to keep any. Please employ someone who knows how to provide the customer service and who does not take hours processing refund struggling with filling the online form etc, asking colleague and still not knowing what shes doing! Using a swear words or telling customer they have returned something already it is not acceptable!!!! I will not be back.

David Thurston

Very helpful and knowledgeable staff very pleased with my purchase of a watch.

Ruth McNeilly

After a lengthy lock down you'd think they would need the business but no, it's 2.45pm on a Friday afternoon and they are "closed for lunch". And retailers wonder why they are losing customers to online shopping 🙄

Chris Harris

I'm only giving this 3 stars because of Jan who was very helpful and friendly. Unlike Sheila, another shop assistant who was very rude to my daughter. She was stood behind the counter and initially ignored my daughter then when she tried to ask a question, she sternly said 'I'm serving someone' and walked off. She was very rude and unhelpful and certainly needs to attend a customer care course. There are plenty of other jewellers in Bath!!

Katie Bryers

Bought an engagement ring from here and they were aware that it was a surprise. Within a month I have a engagement ring marketing letter (engagement and rings all over it) sent to my address that I share with person I was proposing to. This had my name on it so would have ruined the surprise if I wasn’t lucky enough to have opened the post box that day. I didn’t sign up to marketing and I don’t understand why I need marketing for engagement rings after I already bought one from them. I phoned the shop irritated and the manager was unhelpful and didn’t apologise, I went through the complaints system and they offered me £20 gift voucher (declined as I wasn’t going to spend another penny in there) and refused to apologise for nearly ruining the proposal. They said they have removed me from all marketing. About 5 months after this (luckily after the proposal) I had ANOTHER engagement H Samuel leaflet through the post addressed to me. Oh and one of the stones fell out within 6 weeks of wearing the ring. Safe to say we didn’t buy our wedding bands from here and went to Ernest Jones.


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