Harko Oriental (Chinese restaurant)

12 Lime St, Bedford MK40 1NH, United Kingdom

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Louise Pickering

Harko Oriental is our top pick for Chinese food when we are in Bedford. Staff are friendly, polite. The restaurant is clean & sanitised. Prices are good for the lunch time buffet. Couple of options for vegetarians. Good selection of food/ deserts. We recommend.

Thomas Roberson

Well, where to start. I made a booking for 6 online as reviews from the friends I was with were very good. I told them in the notes there were 3 adults and 3 children. On arrival we entered the restaurant and to our surprise the greeter pointed at the children and said that the older ones would be charged as adults as they were over the 1.4m height limit (what kind of backwards thinking is this). The eldest being the 12 and the other 11 are of usual height for their generation, the youngest at 4 was just under the "restriction". Flabbergasted we continued to the table. They took our drinks order and we received them and went to the "buffet". It was, in all intensive purposes, a "buffet" . A little of this a lot of that. It was hot and tasty. The only things I can comment on are the spam sushi and the quartered Mr Kipling cakes for dessert. All in all with the 11 and 12 yo being charged at full price because of their height, on a Wednesday evening and the bill coming close to £100 with 1 drink each I can without a doubt say we will not be returning. I will definitely not recommend

james beevers

Visited Harko the other day with the family and really enjoyed it. The food was all really tasty with great customer service and a nice relaxing atmosphere. Will definitely be going again

James Gaddes

A really superb all round experience!! Lovely food, plenty of variety & my kids all raved about it, a real result! Thanks also to the staff, friendly & attentive. The first time to Harko, but certainly not the last!!! Definitely recommend!!!!!!

Louise Pickering

Very clean and well presented staff. Staff are friendly and polite. Food is hot and selection is good, but being a vegetarian my options were limited although they do a very nice mock duck. Dessert consists of either cheesecake, fruit, jelly or sweets. Very good selection. Drinks are a bit more expensive but always are. Overall i would recommend.


Harko Oriental at (Bedford)
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