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Vi Lava

This place make me feel VIP - client 🤩 Girls on reception are so friendly and really helpful. Especially Kirsty. I have done my laser treatments with Lucy. She is really professional. If only I know that laser hair removal can be 100% pain free. Remembering my experience 15 years ago...🙈 But Lucy do an amazing job! And the machine she using is REALLY pain free! Thank you Lucy and reception girls for the positive vibes and great experience! ❤

Joshua Beeton

Diagnosis, and 2 treatments in. Initial impression and feel. Firstly, I don't understand people who leave reviews with 4 stars and don't say what left the last star out... Must be bloody annoying for a business. Furthermore, my experience here has been perfect and cannot fault it at all. (I am 22 and have been experiencing sciatic related symptoms for nearly 4 years, but roughly 4 months ago I was deadlifting and this something popped (some weird noise) has took me out of work.) The whole place is super professional, from the receptionists to the people treating you. After speaking with the receptionists and filling out some paperwork I was greeted by Dr Peter Olsson, a firm handshake and professional smile making you feel in the right hands. He then spoke with me about my issue and made some notes, the guy is friendly and likeable. Next, I was taken to one of their spinal specialists, Kate, also lovely, who then explained all the kit to me and what was going to be done. The next day I was back to go over the data, they explained what I already knew but in more detail (bulging disc), and explained about what was happening with my nerves and bone structure which was extremely interesting (but also worrying as it was me lol). After, I had my first treatment, now the treatment is uncomfortable and can leave you feeling in more pain but they are not trying to give you short term pain relief, they are trying to STIMULATE healing within your body and WE have to create the right environment for healing to be sustained such as: diet, sleeping and exercise (if suitable). The pain is justified but only temporary, so don't shy away as the only other options is a life time of pain killers or surgery. I have seen many physios and chiros over the 4 years and what I have learnt (with my own reading) is that if you filter out the ones who are just giving you short term relief, you are left with generally great people who have your best interests at heart (mostly) but they are all trying to solve the problem that we are having and are using all the tools available to tackle it, this is why every chiro and physio will tackle your problem differently. What I like about this place is that everything they do is evidence based, and with their combined experience will work with you to get the positive changes you want. I have no idea if these guys will be able to fix my issue, but from what I've seen, and read prior I feel I am in the right place and just like anyone reading my review, who might feel helpless, you need to commit 100% to their care plan if you have any hope of seeing positive changes. My final point is that this clinic compared to others I have visited (usually individual people) is very expensive. After much pondering i have come to the conclusion that the cost is this way as they have lots of diagnostic kit, lots of staff and quite a big building. When considering this, and the fact they want to earn a living for themselves I can understand the price point. So if you are willing to invest in your health look no further, I will write a second review in a few months time. Hopefully with some good news to share.

Steven Band

I have been seeing Dr Peter for a few weeks now after having an accident at work. The accident left me with lower disc and nerve damage leaving me in complete agony. The NHS kept fobbing me off with painkillers and telling me i just needed to rest. Even after the first few sessions i felt a massive improvement making me more mobile and able to walk more comfortably. Dr Peter is fantastic very friendly and professional i would highly recommend Spine Body and Health if you have any form of back pain don't delay, book an appointment now! You won't regret it, first class service.

John Palmer

Since starting at SBH nearly a year ago my back pain has materially improved. Dr Peter and team are excellent at identifying health issues and working hard to resolve them. The service is fantastic and everyone is very friendly. Recommended.

Shona Bostock

The service I have recieved is top class!! All staff are extremely knowledgeable and very friendly. If you are considering booking an appointment, dont delay you will not regret it. What ever your concerns or health situation they will be able to help you. They have helped me to understand my body better and where certain habits have led me to the posture I had before I visited. Having now had quite a few sessions I feel Amazing!! Thank you


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