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Bedford highways department are a complete shower of incompetents. A prime example being the ongoing assault course at the unction of Clapham Road & Manton Lane, Bedford. Senior leadership should be dismissed for gross misconduct.

George Durose

Re: Clapham rd/Manton lane and Ampthill rd How many years is it now? Let's have a public enquiry into why it's been allowed to take so long and exactly who is benefiting financially from this fiasco. The workforce must be congratulated on their ability to do so little in such a long time ,you are a disgrace . A response from this dept would make interesting reading.

life bank store

Bedford Borough council in the old country Hall building on cauldwell St with a customer service building in the old town hall in St Pauls square much of the office is administration and record's for the borough and mayor of the town. with the council chamber for meeting's ect a small BBC radio studio also within the building.

Steve Rice

Extremely abusive officer from building control who was threatening me in my home for non compliance when all inwas doingwas tryingtomeet regulations. Despite my dping everything for the last 10 weeks to meet their requirements which change and contradict on a daily basis. The officer refuses or is not capable of giving clear instruction. When asked the department how to raise a formal complaint, it was investigated between 6pm and 845 am the next morning and closed I was not even asked what the complaint was, The department manager threatened me with court summons. All i have attempted to be is complaint. He shouted that i shouldn't have even asked for regularisation! I guess i will now be persecuted because i dared to call his professional standards into question. Did you know you can avoid the Council and use a private contractor? Or, do as building control shouted at me, dont involve them! Utter joke and all they do is encourage bad quality of work rather than meet safety regulations.

Jim Smith

Probably the worst council area I have ever had the misfortune to live in. Poor services offered to residents with no accountability for wrong decisions or lack of actions. Very woke and appear to only care about generating revenue by handing out enforcement notices to people using the town centre, which has killed off many businesses as folk go to nearby towns that are cleaner and more friendly towards shoppers. A bunch of faceless petty bureaucrats all worried about making the wrong decision and loosing their jobs, so they simply don’t make decisions. The villages covered by the council are simply left to fend for themselves and receive very little support in the way of services apart from bin collection.


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