McDonald's Bedford Elms Parc (Fast food restaurant)

535 Goldington Rd, Bedford MK41 0DS, United Kingdom

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Opinions of McDonald's Bedford Elms Parc at (Bedford)

Pawel Matusz

I rarely write negative reviews but this place just deserves one. 3 out of 4 ordering touch screens out of order. Table service not possible - no number tags. You have to therefore wait in a crowd of delivery guys swarming the place half of which ignore the indoor mask mandate. Dodgy individuals hanging outside. I did not get a tray despite selecting the eat in option. All in all not a pleasant experience, fast in fast out, will not return. To be fair the place is clean and staff nice, but the other issues ruin it.

Julia Grey

Worst Mc Donald’s on planet earth. Parking is pure chaos grid locking you at times. Service is slow and still your food is cold or wrong 90% of the time. They seem to always under fill your drinks and fries and that’s every time which just becomes infuriating. If you opt to use the drive thru they will say one moment to the proceed to serve two cars that came in after you was asked to wait. Managers are complete jokes and need to go on a customer service course ASAP they either argue with you or give you a refund with no apology whatsoever. Go to aspects Mc Donald’s this one is the newest but worst.

Ben Ledwick

Shocking waited in the drive through for our breakfast. Then they came to ask me what i ordered??????? How hard is it to microwave some pancakes. Thank god i checked it as had to go back in to get the syrup and knife and fork............. Just hope the milk is in date before i add it to my tea. Pancakes cold wife's order wrong......well....manager ran and hid. Shocking service

Mark W Official

With good parking joined with Domino's Pizza and Starbucks, McDonald's offers all you expect from the franchise. With an indoor play area for younger children and a drive through with two order points, this is everything you could ask for from a McDonalds. With two entrances and exits, driving into and out of is made easier also.

Hasani Azamar

They didn't serve what I ordered. They were missing a hamburger that I paid for. I couldn't prove it, because the ordering machine never printed a receipt. They also couldn't see the order in their system, but it was obvious that there was an order because they served me partially what I paid. At the end they gave me the missing hamburger, but we needed to prove it with the bank statement.


McDonald's Bedford Elms Parc at (Bedford)
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