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Bedford Heights, Head office, Manton Ln, Bedford MK41 7BJ, United Kingdom

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Shauna Hancock

Only given 1 star because there's not an option for any less. The contractors they use are beyond useless, takes a year to complete 1 job. This 1 job being, a kitchen cupboard door missing from refurb. You are left doing your own jobs, chasing everything up and doing their job too apparently, reply to emails sucks and will be quick on your case when it comes to money. For someone who pays full rent, on time every single month... this service is disgusting. I wouldn't wish anyone to receive the service I have. If I'm honest, the sooner I can get out of their property, THE BETTER.

Kevin Stevens

Probably the most incompetent company I have ever had the misfortune of dealing with. Emails don't get replied to for weeks, phone call messages never get a response and the care for their residence is non-existent. Stalin cared more about his people than BPHA. For months I have been enquiring about a ground maintenance service charge that we all pay a 3rd party company for, which there has been no evidence of for 5 years and BPHA refuse to acknowledge a refund. We all know if I stopped paying it they would soon be on the phone chasing the money, but if it's the other way round then good luck! As soon as they have your money, you're on your own. It's as simple as that. Queue an empty and ridiculous reply from them about valuing feedback in 3...2...1...

Sakai Yuya

They don’t care the residents after we moved in. They keep charging us the service charge but when we ask for repair something, it takes ages and ages. Lack of responsibility, poor customer service and poor communication. However they know how they charge the residents.

Khorney One (TheUnbeerable)

Would call them a joke but their is nothing funny about their level of incompetence. Have been trying to get my balcony door fixed since before Christmas but the "repairman" that they keep sending seems incapable of turning on a shower let alone fixing anything. Have had him come around 3 times and every time the door breaks again a week later. Am once again in that same position, trying to speak to their repair team but most likely due to them laying off employees I have been on hold for over half an hour. I pay nearly a 100 quid a month for a service charge which is supposed to go to maintaining the property. Clearly this money is being used to maintain the thickness of some rich scumbag's wallet.

Marie Piercy

There have been several small annoyances with BPHA over the years but the situation causing me to write the following review is: We paid over £100 for an information pack containing details we needed to sell our flat, the details are incorrect and vague, when our solicitors have asked for some clarification no one at BPHA is able to provide any proper information. We are now waiting for a response from BPHA and our move on Friday hinges on their response, until then ourselves and more importantly our 8 month old baby will be living out of boxes.


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