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Kathy Harris

I have been lucky enough to hear Angela at a speaking event and have a private session with her. I attended an event where Angela was the final speaker on a day filled with motivational and inspiring speakers. Angela's warmth is immediately evident and the ease with which she talks makes you feel comfortable listening to her. Her personal experiences make it very easy to relate to what she is saying and she is honest to the core with what she shares with you. How she has turned around her mindset, life and career is nothing short of phenomenal and the fact that she now shares this with people is typical of the person Angela is. The advice, tips and tricks that she shares DO work. I was then lucky enough to have a session with Angela when I was going through a tough time with some health issues which had knocked my usual confidence and I was feeling anxious and insecure. I had one session with Angela where she allowed me to visualise what I was capable of while giving me an anchor to ensure I could continue to be successful and that was all it took. I'm not sure what sort of magic she used but that is how it felt. If you need change, support or a different outlook on life, you can't go wrong letting Angela help you.

Sarah Dodsley

I have followed Angela for a few years now on social media and always been inspired by her journey, determination and ability to reach her own goals. After a difficult period in my own life I decided to approach Angela for coaching. I had experienced coaching before and as a coach myself I recognised the power of it. Angela has the ability to get straight to the heart of the matter, it was like she could see into my mind in a way that cut through any of the stuff that was getting in the way. In about 2 mins Angela had me seeing things in a way that I just hadn't considered and really helped me unlock some deep routed emotions and feelings. In just one session I was able to embark on a new journey myself which has been extremely powerful! I have also seen Angela speak at her MOJO 2019 event and she is amazing, her authenticity shines through and this is one of the many qualities that draws people to her. Angela is honest and brave and says it like it is! I would recommend Angela as a coach, a speaker and an author. Simply fabulous lady!

Judi Finch

I recently heard Angela speak at an event. She was enthralling and very easy to listen to. Angela has a way of making you feel that she is talking to YOU in an easy to understand way. She makes everything seem achievable. I came away feeling as though I could do it all. That feeling hasn’t worn off four weeks later. I highly recommend Angela.

Morven Murphy

I have just completed Angela's 12 week Transform programme. It has been an incredible experience. Angela has been able to unlock so many things that have been holding me back and is always positive, encouraging yet challenges me at every turn. Angela always remains professional yet she is so easy to talk to it is like chatting to your best friend. I cannot recommend Angela highly enough. Sign up and you won't regret it!


I engaged Angela as my mentor after following her page on Facebook for approximately 2 years. The ‘free advice’ she gave to group members made me realise that mentoring and coaching, where Angela is concerned, is not just a job but an intrinsic part of who she is. Angela is very knowledgeable as is demonstrated by her ongoing commitment to gaining professional accreditation in her therapeutic treatment areas. I personally respond very well to her friendly, open and flexible approach to meeting my needs. Nothing is ever set in stone but she also doesn’t let you meander off the path you are trying to go down by accident or avoidance- she helps you to focus on the task at hand. What I appreciated the most was that having reached out to Angela for help initially, I felt overwhelmed at trying to organise the sessions and explain what I wanted to do- Angela took the time to reach out to me by phone and talk me through any questions I had and put options together which may work for me, without me feeling an iota of pressure. I believe that Angela has really changed my perception of not only myself, but also the way I perceive others and the world that surrounds me- in essence she has helped me to engage with being the best version of myself. She has allowed me to have trust and confidence in myself and to not fall prey to fear. That does not mean that life is suddenly without its challenges, what it means is that I am in the mind-set and position to deal with the challenges that life brings in a way that I was unable to previously. I cannot recommend Angela Cox more highly.


Angela Cox - Mindset Mentor at (Bedford)
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