Bedford Free School (School)

Cauldwell St, Bedford MK42 9AD, United Kingdom

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Opinions of Bedford Free School at (Bedford)

Lynx Weatherall

I think hell is lovely at this time of year. I don't think Satan will ever approve of this school,I am just being honest no hate to anyone even though I do go to this school myself. Much better than rbms but still kinda unfair as loads of rules are unfair and our lunch breaks are really long. Most of the teachers don't understand the meaning of manners and respect. Honest,High expactations and respect?! the students respect the teachers but the teachers can be really rude even when the student is respectful and if you even try to talk when you have been asked to say something you can still loose a credit. dont go here unless you want to suffer. besides this the school is really great.

J Phoenix

My sister in law went to this school, she was always a happy girl full of energy but was miserable at this school and her mental health was suffering. She was not like herself at all, she wasn't eating, she wouldn't go out; but because it cost quite a bit of money, she felt guilty asking to move schools, so she let herself continue to get bullied by the students and the teachers. When the school was approached by her parents, they were more bothered that she said they were mean and rude, and got defensive rather than trying to help solve the problem. They took it out on the child, making her feel wrong for expressing her feelings and the situation. Now that she's moved schools, she's much happier, she's doing so much better in her subjects because the teachers are approachable, and she feels comfortable speaking up about any problems. I don't believe Bedford Free School cares about the psychology of its students (which is the most important thing) I think they only care about their image and being in control. I definitely won't consider this school for my own daughter when she leaves primary school as I don't think she will benefit from them in any way.

Mohammed Uddin

i have to be honest i was very happy before i came here. it was a good life, people were nice and getting home was a simple walk. now i actually im getting bullied by this kid called Reyaz Ali and the school wont do anything about it even though ive made many complains and hes pushing me to the edge and now alma fwendz is dead, he was my only friend. no one believes me, im thinking of nutting on him one day and im gonna make everyone in the school regret crossing me.i honestly have developed depression and am now the only thing keeping me alive is Afghan Dan. The Food is not nice.


This is a school that provides the absolute best resources, helping to bring out the true potential of every single student. It's great waking up every morning to go to BFS, since every day is full of new things to learn! We may be a school but we are also a family, and personally I wouldn't have it any other way.

Thomas Felts King

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Bedford Free School at (Bedford)
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