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94 Richmond Terrace, Darwen BB3 0HE, United Kingdom

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It's me Bree

I only went twice, first appointment was twenty minutes where he answered the phone twice during consult and left the door wide open for everyone to listen to personal questions and answers. If they should walk past they can also see. I went back and got an adjustment the week after and i was in and out within 8 minutes (including waiting for him to finish up with the person before and making payment). I couldn't justify the money, especially when other chiropractors charge the same but you get a full 30-40 minute slot with a deep tissue massage included.

Ju G

Really helpful for anyone who has a bad back or sciatica. Competitive price. Friendly service.

Raja Saj

I went to this place for a pain in my groin about over 2 years and was told doctors treat symptoms and I go to route and treat symptoms which don't come back anyway I was treated went about 35 times and I was suffering different problems since then which was worst than before I told him he made me worse I was told you came to me with back problem .went to different person was diagnosed straight away with sia joint moved and was ok first treatment with osteopath ..

Susan Nowicki

Trevor is very professional and helpful. Myself and my husband have seen him for back and neck problems on numerous occasions and his treatment has always been successful. We would not hesitate to recommend him.

Bev O’Hara

I can’t believe I’ve not given Trevor feedback in the past. I’ve been visiting Trevor for a number of years now following a badminton injury and then for maintenance. He is amazing!! I recently hurt my back again and after Trev has worked his magic, I’m back at Zumba and badminton 🏸 within 2 weeks. I cannot thank him enough, before my recent treatment I was in constant pain and struggling to sit/drive etc and it was extremely debilitating and frustrating. I highly recommend Trevor.

Ibrar Mohammad

I had a serious whiplash, 6 damaged discs and compression fracture in my spine and I could not walk properly. Dr Trevor who is more then just a Doctor. He is the best!!. I can now walk and visit the gym on regular basis. I can now work which I could not do before. He has reduced my back pain by 95% and I do not feel fatigued. 👍👍👍💪💪💪 I would recommend him to anyone. At first I did experience more pain but over time by visiting him he put my back right. So you have to have a couple of sessions and visit him regularly too and it is well worth it!! 😎

Margaret McCrae

Trevor is very experienced with a very calming,respectful and trusting manner. Our sessions are usually punctuated with chat and many a chuckle. I have benefited so much from an initial course of "getting me straight again" after many years without treatment. [due to not being able to find someone to replace my previous excellent osteopath] I now have regular monthly alignments that keep me "in shape" and therefore am experiencing less pain. I suffer from fibromyalgia, had whiplash problems in my neck from a car accident, have a tilted and twisted pelvis and one leg longer than the other...hence the need for Trevor! I feel comfortable and freer in myself physically, and am now able to get back to walking and enjoying being without the debilitating pain my conditions engendered. After my successful treatment, both my son and his partner also benefit from Trevor's adjustments for their back and neck problems. I have no hesitation in encouraging you to benefit from a visit. What have you got to lose?....only the pain you're suffering!!


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