SPAR Three Arches (Convenience store)

654 Preston Old Rd, Feniscowles, Blackburn BB2 5EP, United Kingdom

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Rob C

Fuel is fuel . . . except when it isn't. This is because in addition to the stuff you fill your car with, it also sells human fuel. In fact, possibly the best fuel, a wide array of truly epic pies. Chief among which is clearly the humble yet peerless "Butter Pie". Get one, slap it on a buttered barm cake, slather with pea-wet and cap it with the other part of the barm. Heaven in a bun. Two for £2.20 too. Not bad at all!

Matthew Rivers

Got treated like thieves i was filling up whilst my wife was in the line inside with cash waiting to pay and she over heard them saying dont release the fuel they look dodgy!!!! and then when they realised my misses was allready inside they said we can release the fuel now not that you look dodgy but we have had allot of drive offs!!!! We use your pump every morning after the school run not anymore and that womens attitude towards my complaint was shocking to say the least AVVOOIIDD THESE FOOLS. £70 down now per week £3,640 lost of just me as a customer per year wow train your staff up they are losing you money all my familly also live nearby will stop using your pump unless staff are changed.


Always using this petrol station never any problem. All staff very good and helpful... But now after change ownership all going down. I'm not going anymore. Shell Point service never working.... Not happy at all.

susan james

My word Spar has taken a turn for the worst. Its not like it used to be. Most of the fresh food and fruit are substandard. The potatoes are always going green. I used to spend about £100 a week now the odd fiver for milk and bread. I only go when I have to. I can only rate one star and that's being generous. It used to be a brilliant shop and I enjoyed going there but not any more.

Kev Macari

I actually visited the totally wicked shop for a replacement glass for my E-cigarette, Although I was owed a free replacement the shop claimed to have run out of the free ones forsing me to buy a new one.


SPAR Three Arches at (Blackburn with Darwen)
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