Royal Blackburn Hospital (General hospital)

Haslingden Rd, Blackburn BB2 3HH, United Kingdom

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Ethan Hunt

Appointment made for 10am, it's only taken 5 hours to get to the scan, and another 2 hours nearly to talk to a " doctor " about said scan, and what happens next?, because concerns are obviously the last thing you should care about right? .. so fast, lightning speeds, better than my internet speeds... sarcasm preferred. 5 hours to get a scan deemed important, and there was the worrying about it all, I mean 5 hours in a room full of other people in the middle of a covid issue? sign up to do it without a piece of paper over your face next time. This face resembles a fist I cringed so hard. Let it be known, this appointment wasn't made by the doctor, but by someone in A&E that rushed the scan through, not talking to PALS, they act on behalf of the doctors and not the patients ( past experience ) PALS = Patients Are Laughably Second-rate, so it feels.

Sicario 13

Terrible hospital that has no sense of care or hygiene. Why are nurses at the AMU ward B allowed to sit on the receptionist desks during meeting as shown in the photo? Then subsequently look very surprised and embarrassed when visitors walk in? Like the one on the right clearly is.


To whom it may concern, On the 19th December 2021 I had an appointment for a covid booster vaccination at The Royal Blackburn Hospital, As I arrived with my PA,the 2 gentleman showed us in the direction to where we have to go. As I have mobilty issues we mentioned I cant do the steps so the gentleman said no problem you can go on the ramp, Ee OMG the Security guard was so rude saying why?cant I do steps😡😠 which he had no right, as some mobility are not visible. The Doctor who gave the vaccine was so helpful he quickly got chairs for us to sit down and said wait few minutes, Wow how helpful the Doctor was very polite and understanding, gentle with giving the vaccine their should be more people like him. (His name was Mohammed Ijaz,(from Glasgow). Hats of to him. PS I was going to walk out as the Security guard was very rude 😡😡regarding my mobility (as I cant do steps.) But Mohammed Ijaz a gentleman.👍👍👍👍☺. we were called to see the Doctor an Excellent gentleman. Yours Faithfully Yas Hafeji

Harry Pickles

At the age of 79 had my first major experience of the NHS when my hip dislocated. Had four days in Blackburn hospital and alll the staff were fantastic and caring., Many of the staff had come from overseas to work for the NHS and I felt huimbled by the effort they put into their roles Whilst having my hip relocated they found out that I had a gastric problem not related to this so they attended to that also. Everyone on the staff was just so nice and friendly with superb no waiting service from Paramedics, A&E, and Ward 24 Its just impossible to give thanks to all . Five stars are not enouigh.. God Bless You All.

Deborah Tickner

The experience my husband had for his robotics surgery was excellent and second to none. All the staff involved from pre-op, admissions, time in surgery and on the ward couldn’t have been more efficient and kind. Can’t thank them enough. The NHS at it’s very best!


Royal Blackburn Hospital at (Blackburn with Darwen)
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