Marhaba Ice-Cream Bar (Indian takeaway)

83-85 Victoria St, Blackburn BB1 6DS, United Kingdom

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kaleem rehman

Flavour is good, cakes are nice and flavoursome even samosa chat is nice. One thing I didn't like is atmosphere, and that's not their fault most of client base is desi so no comments, service can be bit faster. Food quality is good they need to work on clearing ordering process and make it streamlined so people don't have to wait long

Aasiya Sidat

We arrived at Marhaba tonight with my family, after a long time of having not been out to eat since pandemic. The queues were out the door but the tables looked empty inside. We soon came to find out this was due to there being one lady at the till taking orders handwritten. While a swarm of other staff seemed to be milling about to and fro behind the counters clueless. . Surely after a 150k renovation they could have invested in an electronic means of taking orders. We placed our order to eat in and were told there's no order number and they would know who we are. We seated ourselves upstairs and were surrounded either side by dirty tables that had not yet been cleaned up. There was only one other family waiting for food (who ordered directly before us) and another family came soon after who were behind us in the queue. As we were waiting we had the entertainment of the two chuckle brother waiters who kept coming out playing guess who with the food orders. Some poor souls pizzas and ras malais were being traipsed around the restaurant floor before the right table was found. This happened a total of three times, the third time we had to tell them whos order it was. By this time it had been forty minutes, we queried where our order was and she asked what our order number was. We informed her we weren't given one even though we asked for an order number. She asked what the items were, I informed her it was just two milk cakes and a peanut butter stack with ice cream, so it was just a matter of putting them on a plate and they didn't need to be made from scratch as they're already pre-made items. She said she would find out and let us know. After ten minutes still no sign of her or laurel and hardy who were bringing out orders. So my husband went down to ask them and he got fobbed off by them saying there's no ticket so it's being processed and it's coming. Eventually it came, but we were told our chai would be a while. At which point I politely reminded him we had been waiting 40 minutes already. Without an apology he retaliated with 'but aunty we make the food in order, it comes out in order,' I told him it obviously wasn't as the people who ordered after us already received their food (albeit 35 mins later). He kept insisting its made to order. At which point I had no patience to argue with the mind of a child. He had not brought enough spoons, so we had to ask for them and wait even longer to have our desserts. Approx towards the end of finishing our dessert the chai came. He placed it tentatively in the very edge of the table (almost ready to fall) right next to my 8 year old. A hot beverage near a child! I politely asked him to place it on our side of the table, so he pushed it further close to my child away from the edge. I said you don't place hot drinks near a child! Then my husband stepped in and had to tell him to come and bring it over to him. Only then he understood and listened! The milk cake was nice, the peanut butter stack was stone cold and had not been warmed like we asked. We were too tired to complain and my daughter was in tears as it was so dry. Marhaba you really need to invest in some proper waiters, cleaners and technology to suit the demand. Also the downstairs reeked of the smelly toilets. How often are they cleaned? The tables were not cleaned the whole hour and half that we were there. Spending 150k on an explosion of pink refurbishment, although pretty, is not worth it if your customers have to experience this appalling service. Train your staff to use common decency and manners. A simple apology wouldn't go amiss. We won't be back in a hurry!

Faisal Hussain

The place has been done up very nicely during the current lockdown and now are also taking card payments. Shame the quality of food and customer service has diminished. Was my go to place for desserts and they also did pizza's and burgers but will not be coming here again after the food poisoning me and my family got on the last occasion

Shenaz M

Food looks better than it tastes. Shame the workers are deaf - i think i had to repeat my order 5 times before i gave up and let somebody else take over. Charged us for a sweet but didn't pack it in the bag! Don't live in bburn so good job we checked in the car.


Terrible service. Placed our order over 2 hours agowhen we were told it was 45 mins. No apology bad customer service. Didn't get refund. Food was cold, slush watery ice cream melted. ordering again. Wish I had read the reviews first.


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