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Kate Blyth

Posting for a resident, sadly this review cannot be anything but inadequate. Emails sent months ago, not responded too, telephone calls state get back tomorrow, tomorrow never comes. 3 weeks constant calls only to be told, we haven’t been able to pin him down to find out if he’s actually put the documents to the courts. Outrageous indifference shown to this ladies requests for a professional service.

Charlotte Horne

Absolutely appalling. Putting things forward in court without permission, they never answer the phone, never tell you anything, rude, arrogant and I would never recommend to anyone!! If I could give 0* I would

Stephen Molloy

Have just completed a house purchase for me, good service and communication throughout the process. Will use again and recommend to others.

joe collinson

30 Apr 2018 ****READ THIS BEFORE YOU THINK OF USING THEM**** Sometime ago I broke my Spine for a SECOND time. MRI Scans two of them showed this that is was a new (acute) break consistent with my injury I was claiming for. Indeed my NHS Consultant gave me further supporting letters to back up his and the Radiographers diagnosis. Initially I was offered a sum from the other party which although considerable did not compensate me for the salary or loss of job I was no longer able to do until retirement. Hence, even if I had took their offer I was still considerably out of pocket. So....Fylde Law's advice was NOT to take the offer and hold out for fair and reasonable compensation in order to put me back in a position financial had breaking my back in this accident not had happened. Now...since this accident I have been on very, very strong medication for back pain to cope. Some of which can make you drowsy, forgetful, have mood swings....the list goes on. However, I need them and cannot take an operation as I'm told the success rate is not great and may end up in a wheelchair. Two years progress with the case and unfortunately my Barrister passes away: Before this had happened the other parties side obtained surveillance footage over a THREE MONTH period of me doing no more than carrying out what I was told to do by GP's, Nurses, Consultants and Physiotherapist...i.e make yourself get out of bed and take exercise. I'm talking walking here, not running, building brick walls or manual labor. So pottering around a shop with a trolley and the odd carry bag and small amounts of walking. Their footage amounted to over hundred hours sat hiding behind bus shelters and trees and revealed nothing. Bring on their " medical expert".... I was "Examined" for all of ten minutes in my own flat...the guy had a taxi waiting down stairs.....he asked me a few questions of which I answered honestly, he tapped me on the knee with his hammer, pressed my back and off he went. The following months passed and he concluded that after seeing my medical reports in conjunction with his OWN mates highly PRIVATE radiographer I was lying I'd made the whole thing up. I mean I had influenced an MRI Machine and a Team of NHS Doctors and Nurses...hmm. So...couple the fact of his "expert" report, highly edited Surveillance (which I was refused by Fylde Law to get analysed ) and NO COUNSEL after my Barrister's passing Fylde Law ROLLED Over. They kept this case "alive" for themselves dragging costs up and up so eventually the Part 36 offer of the initial amount, a SIX figure sum was eaten up in costs! The other party claim dishonesty on my part...wouldn't they just. Not the driver of the other vehicle who changed his statement three times! However, if this was the case why pay the damages and then take them away in costs, doesn't make sense....I'm either dishonest or not? My point is this if you are still reading...make sure you get a grade A Solicitor to deal with high value claims...pick a firm who will stick by you through and through, who will fight for you, get you the best Counsel. A Firm that is prepared to take on the might of an insurance company....because if you dont you with end up like me...wrong side of forty, middle aged, children looking at University whom you cant fund, holidays, housing, etc you just cannot afford due to no fault of your own and extremely BAD advice being told NOT to take these offers only to find Costs have outweighed anything you will receive. It IS life changing in more ways than one if you factor in the stress and strain of all this and four YEARS of your life! It's your claim.....use Fylde Law....your choice?

Marc Mason

Great company.


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