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39 Commercial Rd, Poole BH14 0HU, United Kingdom

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Gordon Hungerford

Total disrespect for Covid-19 guidelines and our management company's efforts on following NHS & Govt Guidelines. 1 particular carer & power of attorney daughter being plain awkward and not using their private entrance for access to the frail elderly lessee lady. In doing so they twice daily put 3 very vulnerable other lessees at risk of Covid-19 contamination by blundering through the cramped communal entrance and hallways area. Mr.Martin Ross,director of Home-Care recently made a sight visit as this has been going on since March 2020. He wholly agreed with The Lesses and our directors and issued his "team" with appropriate instructions. He then performed a complete U turn without informing us. We have 2 x e-mails from Mr.Ross as evidence of the latter. Carers do not wipe down door handles etc. PPE at this level is of minimal protection as can be seen in The Lancet, (The World's most credible weekly journal for those highly qualified within The Medical World). All other Flats carers use the private entrances in order to protect themselves;Their Client, and everybody else. A rare WIN-WIN opportunity IGNORED. The elderly lady needs 24 hour care and is locked in from 4pm to 7am. A few weeks ago she was heard screaming in agony starting at 2.a.m, very early on a Sunday morning until somebody eventually called the daughter. No change. No reason is given other than "I HAVE to conform to my client's instructions". What a disgraceful management attitude. Money V Direct daily risk of covid-19 contamination to others already with secondary under lying high risk health issues. Even the other company home visit carers support US. ( No Professional/Responsible "Home -visit Carer" would consent to behaving like this. No substitute for proper medical training and basic common-sense.) The full-time carer informed one of our residents that "My care-home does not have any Coronovirus". ( I rest my case.). Even the younger and healthy residents on the ground floor choose to use only their private entrance. AVOID, as clearly this "Organisation" cannot be trusted re Covid-19 and basic safety criteria. AND, then gives the robotic/standard template reply below, not addressing any of the fundamental issues, above. Using a cramped ,poorly ventilated communal entrance with narrow halls, less than 2 metres wide, when there is a private entrance available. ( as used by the other 3 identical adjacent Blocks). Charity is irrelevant to this scenario. Resident/s use their own Dettol All In One Spray, pre/post the carer's visits @ the advise of a GP, (whom is also disgusted ). Lastly, To be clear that this is no reflection upon those dedicated carers working IN their care homes, nor the Majority that "Visit". Purely, 1 director/manager; 1 carer; 1 "power of attorney" to the "Client". Now, we all have to cope with the new more contagious strain as well. Clearly, if there were no private entrances, then I would not be "posting", but there ARE and it is all about "Minimising Risk" wherever and whenever we can.

lindsay Gledhill

thank you to the Care South team - and Jane's husband in the four by four driving them - for getting to my parents' house tonight through the snow.

pamela wells

james green


Care South Head Office at (Bournemouth)
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