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5, 3 Glenferness Ave, Burbank, Bournemouth BH4 9NB, United Kingdom

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Dominika Erazmus

I'm so glad I attended Janet's yoga classes and Active Birth Workshop before my first birth. They gave me so much information, calm and confidence, and really contributed to me having a great, positive birth experience. The yoga classes (via zoom) were very relaxing and introduced various positions for birth which I ended up using during labour with great results. I really looked forward to them each week. The workshop was extremely helpful too and covered the physiology of birth and practical exercises for mother and the birth partner. They made me and my partner feel much more informed, confident and positive about the upcoming birth, and meant that we had a great birth experience using what we learned. I highly recommend Janet's classes to anyone wanting to prepare well for birth.

Martha Quigley

I couldn't recommend this hypnobirthing course enough. Janet was so generous with her knowledge and wisdom without being prescriptive about what birthing should be. The course empowered myself and my husband and we felt confident and calm approaching our daughters birth. Covid restrictions in hospital threw a few curve balls at us and it was through the hypnobirthing techniques that Janet had taught us that I was able to remain calm and feel at ease, especially when unexpected complications arose. I am so pleased we did this course, as well as Janet's yoga classes which were wonderful at making me feel connected to my body and baby. Janet is a beacon of knowledge and is so happy to share and offer extra support - we are very grateful for her expertise and guidance.

Louise Fitzpatrick

I am very grateful to Janet for the Active Birth workshop that I attended. I can speak for my partner as well in sharing that we both enjoyed it very much and left feeling relieved, energised, inspired and excited about the journey ahead. I appreciated not only all of the content but also Janet’s approach and way of communicating everything - it felt very grounded and comforting! Both my partner and I very much enjoyed the practices as well. I felt a sense of relief in having the experiential practice and I appreciated the way that Janet explained and explored the role of the birth partner. I would also like to share that I was happily surprised at how well the online format worked as well. I was (prior to the workshop) a little ambivalent about 6 hours on Zoom for something so embodied but felt that it worked brilliantly and, as Janet suggested, found it very useful to practice within the home environment.

Daniel Cotton

The Hypnobirthing course has been a real eye opener for my partner and I. It’s definitely helped us feel more confident and relaxed about the whole process, whereas before it was a source of anxiety and stress. Janet explains everything in a warm and wise way, and has taught us a new way to think about the pregnancy and birth experience, so thank you!!!

cara clancy

Janet's classes are fantastic, I did them throughout my pregnancy and really enjoyed turning up every week (albeit online) and the sense of comfort and continuity it provided me during my pregnancy (these things were really important to me during the pandemic). I've never really enjoyed yoga before - I always found it quite competitive and assumed I had to be really flexible to be good at it. But Janet's classes are completely different - she really encourages you to tune into and work with your own body. I loved the way they helped me connect with my body and my baby during pregnancy. I also remember how relaxed I felt during and after the classes because of the meditations she includes. Would thoroughly recommend to anyone.


Active Birth Centre at (Bournemouth)
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