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6HG, 7 Enterprise Way, East Parley, Christchurch BH23 6HG, United Kingdom

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This is one of those reviews that’s not even worth one star. Astonishingly bad service. I would never risk order something from them online. Item not delivered. Refund still pending. Fortunately, it was a small and inexpensive item and I realised how bad the service was before i ordered several hundreds of pounds worth of equipment and materials for my classes. I’m taking time out of my busy schedule to write this and warn others. Pop in to a store, if you have to. Do not under any circumstances risk having something delivered. 🤷🏾‍♀️You’ve been warned

Chris Armstrong

I rushed in to hobby craft this evening in a bid to buy some table number settings for a charity lunch tomorrow. Unfortunately the pickings were slim and the numbers only went up to 28. I was going to leave with some measly black place cards for a few quid until I met Gayna. She asked me what I needed showed me some other options and the printing machines we then got overheard talking about needing them settings for charity when a lovely shopper said I have one of those cutting machines I could do them for you. I ended up buying 28 freestanding place settings, foil and some other items the kind shopper was buying by way of thanks. So the great service not only upped my spend but resulted in me getting what I need and by tomorrow morning making a great new contact too in this fellow shopper. Thanks Gayna and team Hurn/ Ferndown

River Skye

Hobby craft in Broadstairs is the most disabled unfriendly store that I have ever come across! The aisles are packed with boxes and obstacles. Impossible to get a shop rider mobility scooter around the aisles and the lift is a joke! I have to squash my little plastic basket against the back wall of the lift to allow the doors to shut! The staff are most unhelpful even if you manage to find one, they can not be bothered to help clear the aisles. They are good at telling you where to find something but that's no use if there is no way of manoeuvring around the blocked aisles! Most people with disabilities like to occupy themselves with hobbies, arts and crafts but the most unfriendly place for them to shop is unfortunately is hobby craft !

Lady Staig “Viviarno” Staig

Hobbycraft is a fantastic place to find all you need for most crafts. Pricing is very reasonable. I'm disabled and can just about get around, although my husband has to help with the higher & lower items. Friendly & helpfull staff. Recommended

Lottie Morris

Slowly losing the will to live. My order placed 6 days ago has been acknowledged (how kind) but no delivery date given, or any further information. I am currently "waiting to speak to an advisor". I have counted 43 please continue to wait.... Blah... Blah.. And have been "holding" for 35 minutes. (CAPITAL LETTERS because I am SHOUTING) HOBBYCRAFT YOU OBVIOUSLY DON'T GIVE A TOSS ABOUT YOUR CUSTOMERS ONCE YOU HAVE THEIR MONEY. DISGRACEFUL.


Hobbycraft Head Office at (Bournemouth)
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