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1st Floor, Pearl Assurance House, 128/130 Old Christchurch Rd, Bournemouth BH1 1NL, United Kingdom

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Carrie McNeill

Ronnie Broit is by far the best Man for the job. Almost immediately as I spoke to him he handled my case very efficiently with a high level of knowledge and professionalism . Being asked to attend a police interview I was scared out of my mind, Ronnie eased my mind and explained the whole process every step of the way keeping me fully informed. I highly recommend him. He was always available to speak with me. If I ever (which I hope I don’t) need representation again RB is the one I will call on. With his amazing personality and professional ethics I know I would be in safe hands. Thank you so much for everything!

Bee Rrr

I don't even know where to begin, to find words to describe how much Ronnie Broit has come to mean to me. I quite probably wouldn't even be here now to write this, if it wasn't for him. I am a completely boring person who has never done anything more illegal than smoke a bit weed from time to time. But my whole world was shattered completely out of the blue, by some extremely serious false accusations made against me, which were it not for Ronnie, would have utterly ruined my life. I was a mess with worry and confusion. I simply couldn't understand why this was happening to me. I done a lot of research online, trying to find the best kind of help for my situation, and came across recommendations for Ronnie Broit at Renshaw Derrick, for which I will be forever grateful. It is why I am writing this review now, to return the favour. I never use google or any social media accounts as I am a private person, but Ronnie would not accept anything from me to repay him for his kindness and service to me, except for writing him this review, so I made this account just for this purpose. From the moment Ronnie first came into my life in the midst of the most devastating turmoil when my head was completely gone, his calm, confident and charismatic personality brought me back from a very dark place mentally. He was like a wise old friend suddenly appearing in my corner at my darkest hour. Ronnie actually believed in me, and made that very clear. I felt from the very first moment we talked, that he was not just saying that to make me feel better, and his confidence in me enabled me to believe in myself, and get through this ordeal. Nothing was too much trouble for him, and he truly went way beyond the call of duty for me, to make sure that I found the justice I deserved. Through his unique blend of inspirational character, expert legal knowledge and advice, he encouraged me every step along the way, through the terror of having to go through a voluntary police interview on extremely serious false charges (which I would have totally messed up through fear), Ronnie kept on reminding me that I had done nothing wrong, and that this knowledge should be my rock, because my conscience was completely clear. Thanks to Ronnie, I came through that interview with flying colours, was never arrested for anything, was released without charge, and after the long wait for the CPS to review the case against me, it was thrown out as no case to answer, and I am now free to carry on with my life without losing everyone I love. I owe Ronnie everything for keeping me calm, and sane, and composed under extreme pressure. He is worth far more than his weight in gold. The man is a legend, and I cannot reccommend his services highly enough. If ever you are in trouble, and your world is turned upside down for something you didn't do -- do not fear. Just call Ronnie. He has your back. Thank you my dear friend, for everything. :)

Sally Dixon

We cannot thank Ronnie enough for his incredibly rapid and reassuring response to our call for help. At a time of great shock and anxiety, his quick grasp of the situation illustrated his experience and professionalism and was of enormous support to us. We hope that we never find ourselves in such a situation again, but if we did Ronnie would be our first call. Thank you again.


We recently needed a solicitor to help with a situation relating to our mentally challenged son (he has epilepsy, cannot read or write, autism and other challenges). We found Ronnie Broit from Renshaw Derrick after researching online, and have been extremely pleased with the support and advice he provided. Everything has been resolved satisfactorily, and Ronnie was great at being available to help us through this, so we highly recommend him if you need legal assistance or advice.

Kayleigh Kurys

Impressed at how my partner was allocated a barrister to represent him in court with very short notice. My partner was very impressed with the barrister and how he used his knowledge of criminal law to give him the fairest sentence possible.


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