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The Porterhouse, 123 Poole Rd, Westbourne, Bournemouth BH4 9BG, United Kingdom

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Natalia Piechowiak

I had a very lovely and professional service when having my piercings done. Not sure what the negative reviews are about as everything sanitised and clean, gloves were worn and placement of piercings was marked out with a few options which was lovely, and everything was double checked with me. The piercings themselves were performed very quickly I hardly felt anything, I was asked to check if I’m happy with the service and I was explained about aftercare and given a few tips which was such a lovely thing to do - Just overall a lovely studio couldn’t fault it at all, very friendly staff I recommend it so so much it’s such a chill atmosphere too makes you feel so welcome.

Erin Jones

So helpful! I wanted all my piercings changed and fitted. Measured my ear for each piercing, offered advice, super friendly. Allowed me time to choose with no pressure and answered all my questions. Clean, professional, good selection of jewellery and made me feel at ease


Truly the most professional and kind piercer. Had my septum and helix pierced here a few months ago and the woman was very complimentary and sweet about my jewellery, stayed communicative and informative throughout the whole process and asked my consent to do every step. Obviously as a paying customer I was completely fine with everything she was doing but being walked through and asked before she did anything if I was okay with it/in a good mental state/how I was feeling made me feel safe and calm. Septum healed beautifully however after accidental trauma I caused to my helix it became very inflamed and swollen and began to reject. Booked an appointment to have it professionally removed as to not cause any more swelling from doing it myself and they were so kind and cooperative about it and removed it for me free of charge. Couldn’t recommend them more if you are an anxious person/new to getting piercings, they’re great!


I had a bad experience being pierced here, and another bad experience having jewellery changed here. I complained to the studio and they eventually refunded me for 50% of the piercings that I had and offered for a different member of staff to repierce me for free, which I appreciate despite not wanting to take up the repiercing offer, but they defended what happened and didn't think they need to do things differently with other customers which makes me think this will keep happening to other people in the future. I would rather share my experience and know that it might help people to make an informed choice over whether to be pierced here. I had 4 ear lobe piercings done unsupervised by a trainee piercer, without being told that she was a trainee and had little experience. It was unnecessarily painful compared to other piercings I've had in the past, and one of my piercings was placed through a thicker part of my ear which has caused extra pain and may mean not being able to wear standard jewellery when it heals. I only found out on my second visit that she was not a fully trained piercer when she was unable to complete a jewellery change and caused me a lot of pain trying to do so. The response when I complained was that they don't discuss the experience levels of individual piercers with customers before they are pierced. I think most people assume they will be pierced by someone who is fully trained and who has the experience to complete the procedure to a professional standard, unless they are told otherwise beforehand or are specifically opting for a reduced price trainee piercing, and with that knowledge they can make an informed choice on if they want to subject themselves to the extra risks involved. The person who pierced me was trained to be able to pierce ear lobes, but had not been piercing unsupervised for long, and from my experience should not be piercing unsupervised at this point in their skill level because of how painful it was, the problem with placement, and that they had to stop a jewellery change part way through due to lack of expertise causing extreme pain. I understand that new piercers need practice, but it is more important that people being pierced should get to choose whether they want to be part of this process, but the studio defended not telling customers this information. The communication from the studio is terrible - I always had to message twice to get any response, and I was left waiting 2 weeks for someone to respond to my complaint, even though they had left me with an outstanding problem with my piercing where they changed it to a plastic bar that they cut roughly and it had an offshoot of plastic hanging off it which prevented my ear from healing. I'm glad I gave up on Titanic and just went to a different studio who have been much more helpful, and I wish I'd found them before getting pierced with Titanic and avoided all the extra pain and anxiety of being pierced there.


Thank you to the lovely team at Titanic Tattoo & Piercing! My partner and I came in the other day for some piercings and it was a great experience- they had a deal on which was such good value for money, the procedure was easy and clean and I'm really happy with the way its healing so far. Definitely recommend and will be coming back in the future- thanks a lot! :)


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