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36 Braccan Walk, Bracknell RG12 1BE, United Kingdom

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Angela Bryans

Went in to discuss why I have been getting a poor signal on phone. Was told its because of where I live, its a poor signal area. Why do they sell their product in an area they can't deliver a good quality signal?

Albana Peri

This review goes to Cynthia. Very professional, great asset to the company. She sort put all the mess that i had with my old number and gave me lots of advice.

Lee Boehmer

Store very quiet so was dealt with quickly. Staff member was knowledgeable, courteous and efficient. Did not attempt to 'sell up', rather he listened to my requests and presented me with range of suitable options. Very impressed.

Rory Clements

This used to be a good store with great customer service, this is no longer the case. It would seem unless they are selling a phone/contract they are not interested in solving a problem. The short conversation basically finished with them telling me if i'm not happy to go elsewhere. This was following a online chat with Vodafone help who told me to go in store and they will sort out a clerical issue (i'm being charged more p/m than the contract i took out -this is to a loyal 10 year + Vodafone customer) I would avoid

Kat Cat

I got 5gb data only SIM, but after just few days it dropped from 4G to 3G. After 4 days online, in the shop and over the phone, trying to figure out what happened I was told the 5GB had been full on second day of my contract. It's in personal use, and only used for work Skype calls (I have a cable for personal use). Im the only one with password. I found 0.8GB data flow (4.4hs Skype and docs) but apparently it was used for over 9GB! = 10 X more. As a result I got an extra invoice for £196 for 2 days use. They state they are correct and that I'm wrong. Needless to say not only I stopped this obviously faulty sim connection, but now will also move the rest of my business from Vodafone. Appallingly bad service, chat is not competent, shop tries if they can stay awake (not Joshua who could not care less) and phone service people are offering extra text messages to keep me continuing to spend nearly £200 (9GB) for every Skype call. To put it into perspective, Skype estimated they take 45MB for one hour video call.


Vodafone at (Bracknell Forest)
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