Pepe's Piri Piri (Chicken restaurant)

Unit 1, Pepe's Piri Piri, West View, Market St, Bracknell RG12 1AJ, United Kingdom

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Carlton Rose

Had a quick bite here. Do not expect a high end environment, a bit of a dive. But sometimes these fast food spots have excellent choices fir the price. Seems like a great stop for couriers and younger folks on the move. The food was fine. Better choice than McDonald's and Burger King.

Sulthana Hussain

I would give 0 for the unprofessional behavior of the staff. My order was not delivered in the expected time as mentioned and I was looking for an update by requesting update in the Uber app. After an hour I called up the restaurant and heard from them that the driver tried calling me which I am not sure if it was true as I did not receive any calls. The restaurant denied to deliver and asked me to pick the food from restaurant. When reached at the restaurant the staff was rude when question about why it was not informed to customer about food not being delivered and said that the food was delivered when it was still showing that food was not delivered in the app. When confronted with te app status, they asked for id to me which was not asked to anybody else. After back and forth talk the food was delivered cold which is an unacceptable behavior. 1. I had to pick up the food myself when I was not even informed about delivery issues 2. Food not being hot when picked up from store. 3. The restaurant could have cancelled the order when they say couldnt deliver instead kept the food with them without informing to me until I called them 4. The Staff in the restaurant mentioned that food was delivered to the address when it was still not showing as order delivered in the app and was creating unnecessary issues. The Staffs are very Rude in this place and would not care for any complaints.

Shahed Ahmed

TO THE RESTAURANT OWNER AND STAFF. Please remember customers are PAYING for their food. You are not giving it for FREE. So we atleast deserve good food and service. You won't have a business without us! We don't hagle with your price? Your chef doesn't even cook it properly and staff can't be bothered to provide a good service or keep restaurant clean. Service and quality of food is very poor. Please improve or you will surely loose me as a customer.

Hollie King

Some foods are nice but sometimes the door is really dirty coming into the shop.. which makes you think what else is ? Needless to say we do enjoy some of the food and Ordered tonight to have the order time pushed back twice and then the order was cancelled by Deliveroo as the driver had turned up to collect the food and Pepe’s had CLOSED UP AND GONE HOME…. Even though they accepted the order and must have been extending the expected delivery time ? The driver didn’t know what to do so called deliveroo and then they had to call me to let me know what was happening….

lauradee giles

***EDIT*** i am changing my 2 stars to 4* having used pepes a few times recently it has been fab and so much more improved than that first visit which is great news :) the salad was delicious, chips piping hot, great service**** First time trying food here. I pacifically ordered the bbq sizzler as it said it had jalapenos which i love. Sadly not one jalapeno which was really dissapointing. Food was luke warm too. Pepsi tasted only of carbonated water so was thrown away. Chips were yummy and hot which is the only reason im rating 2 stars.


Pepe's Piri Piri at (Bracknell Forest)
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